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When will it stop?

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    When will it stop?

    Yet another shooting happens in a school. More children are hurt/killed.
    What is it going to take for people to sit up and take notice....when will they stop with they're candle-lighting ceremonies that accomplish nothing against the cause?

    When will the people take up arms against arms?

    What possible remedy is their against guns.

    Remeber when they tried to ban booz, the UnTouchables were borned?

    They try and ban guns, we got a civil war on our hands.


      arms against arms? does that mean your advocating the right to bear arms so everyone is capable of 'defending' themselves in the event of such a thing happening again?

      Whatever happened to holding parents responsible for the upbringing of their kids? Whatever happened to family values? Parents are the ones who have the opportunity to spend the most time with their kids, and also the opportunity to be a biggest influence on them. Now if the parents chose to ignore this opportunity and think that school is gonna teach their kid everything, such shootings will continue to occur. Parents have the responsibility to know the whereabouts of their kids after school, i.e. who he hangs out with, where he hangs out, what movies he watches, what kind of video games he plays, what programs he watches on tv, whether or not he smokes, does drugs etc. Parents have control over all these aspects. If they chose to disregard them, its not the systems fault.



        I was figuratively speaking. Think about it...if I am objecting to shootings would I be advocating the right to bear arms?

        As far as the rest of your comments are concerned...I totally agree. The premiere responsibility for actions taken by minors should be on the parent's shoulders. Let them take the blame/punishment.


          Me and some of my friends have researched this issue, and the only thing that we can come up with is that the american social system is the main cause of such happenings...specifically the media. And also that children are not properly brought up, and that the system fails to understand the human nature (instinct to worship, survive, reproduce, etc), and because these instincts are not fulfilled in the proper manner, kids act that way. Even adults, in some instances because their instincts are not fulfilled the proper way.....

          The issue is much more deeper and requires *much* more explanation, but that was just a general idea....



            Akif.....damn right!!!

            I say put the parents on display at these candle-burning ceremonies and publicly
            humilliate them. It would make other parents
            sit up and take note for once.
            Rather like we used to have here in the
            Elizabethaen Era....Tar & Feathering.
            Bring and back.
            It's mild but very effective.



              yeah these parents are to be blamed
              for neglecting their children,,,,,,for leaving them at the mercy of TV and violent
              video games,,,,for ignoring their need of spiritual guidance,,,,for not instilling morals in them....for somehow comunicating hatred and racism...


                If parents are the blame, then who is to blame the parents when they do similar atroticities??

                Who is the blame when a mother left her kids in a car and pushed it in the river?

                Who is the blame when a mother puts her baby in the dumpster and leaves?

                I can site 100 similar cases easily.....