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Human Rights

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    Human Rights

    Should it not be earned? Okay, yeah, it applies to all humans as animal rights apply to all animals no matter the species, but there are some humans who really don't deserve to be called that, no?

    Humans should really be divided into three categories: the achievers (over and otherwise), the surviving, and then, the aimless parasites that don't really deserve to live and are actually a threat to humanity (like the poisonous animals which provide an exception to the normal rules of animal rights i.e. beggars in first world countries and those who live on welfare at 20-40 when they're perfectly healthy and fit to work even if it's as a plumber [which is a respectable job, of course, but they'll soon find out they have to deal with a whole lot of excrement than they've bargained for]).

    Isn't "human rights" really a way to cripple the government and the rest of mankind and to embrace stupidity (lack of common sense, really) and other forms of incurable diseases?

    isnt this a really old thread?
    Din-e-Mullah fee sabeelillah fasad (Allama Iqbal)