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A letter from a future programmer of 22nd century............

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    A letter from a future programmer of 22nd century............

    This document has the technology Advancement from the 20th cent. To the end of 22nd cent. Read it and think on it
    what has happened to us (human) now at the end of 22nd cent. )

    Starting of 20th century

    There were days of working through processor. In which work was only to execute the given command. Only as human used
    to feed the data into it. But the technology made its advancement day by day, a new things were made which worked app. Like
    a brain.

    End of 20th century

    There was an era of Programming in which there wasn’t what we call "GUI" so people were learning a lot the basics of
    computer. Then there came Graphic User Interface in which there were fewer things to learn, but still people were learning to
    create loops and to trouble shoot errors. Then there is the phase when human entered the visual programming, there they were
    told visually how to create things with given tools, there was lack of knowledge what program was behind the working tool that
    created any thing. Their next generation did learn the newer things but irrespective of the visual tool’s depth. They only knew
    how to create and manipulate things but there was a lack of knowledge as compared to the previous programmers who were
    the pioneers i.e. their was lack of knowledge of the trouble shooting of beyond visual tools, the technology went on and on

    Mid of 21st Century

    Few Years later…there was a creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI ) (‘Teaching a future teacher how to Teach’)by the
    advancement of technology by the visual tools.Then there was advancement on the artificial intelligence.

    Start of 22nd Century

    Few generations later when there was not much documentation of the few of the first A.I.s. There was advancement in A.I (The
    combination of A.I and the V.R (Virtual Reality)), and it (advancement) was same as that of from pioneer programmers to the
    Visual programmers. The A.I became capable of thinking in its own and created many more things beyond the imagination of
    the human (as the teacher found its new way to teach). The programmers didn’t know the A.I.s basic creation and thus were
    left with no option other than to surrender.(A.I.s can even remove bugs and virusesout of them Which was our last hope.)

    End of 22nd Century

    And now there are 0.001 % human beings left on this planet Earth the other is all machine. All the 0.001% are slaves of the
    machine, We Can’t even think without machines, We are doomed, Waiting for the judgement day, Few of the Humans left are
    being converted into half machines. Few died in a manner no one had thought (around 20th century) it would happen at the end
    of 22nd century. We are left With no options other than to live in V.R where the rules of machines are to be obeyed.

    What were the humans at the start of 21st century or before that like?

    No copying allowed without author's permission.

    Name: Fawad-ur-Rehman

    Nick: Neo

    Email: [email protected] / [email protected] /

    Dude just saw the Matrix.


      No ahmed PAii
      This is not the thing....The story was different from this....
      Think again......

      BY the way I have seen matrix seven time..



        dont worry man, i coming.

        Simple ain't easy.


          queer, thanks for telling us :>
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            Hey wheres Trinity.........

            Nobody!! and nobody messes with NEO