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    Ramazan Mubarik

    Never been around Gup Shup during Ramazan.
    How many of you keep fasts??

    Here are some facts that i thought i should share with you all!

    Medical Benefits:
    digestive system gets a rest! As a result repair and regeneration of the cells and enzyme system helps the body elimate

    The Kideney is stimulated to concentrate urine and rest while fluid intake is stopped. This process allows the filtering mechanism to attain a homeostatic balance thus even lowering the blood pressure. (I copied this out from somewhere so I don't know what it really means, but I guess its good for the kidneys is whats being said).

    Acne is better contolled in people have dietary causes for their skin problems.

    Weight loss is a common benefit of fasting.

    You can quit smoking - if you really want!

    Spiritually you feel alive.

    However there is a tendency to overeat, once the fast ends we all indulge in rich greasy foods, deep fried pakoras along with lots of sweets.

    I was thinking that all UK based Guppers should get together and have an Iftar Party (on me of course). Please email me if you are interested. I'd love to hear from you!

    Ramzan Mubarik to you too, lekin abhi chand din baqi haiN

    MaiN alhamdu'lillah hamesha roze rakhti hooN

    "I was thinking that all UK based Guppers should get together and have an Iftar Party (on me of course). "

    Wah kiya baat hai, agar meiN UK meiN hoti tau zaroor aati Oh and hamare hisse ki iftari mail ker dena


      Hi Sabah,
      For some strange reason I thought you were a UK Gupper.

      anyway would all UK guppers let me know ASAP


        "Weight loss is a common benefit of fasting"

        in my case - that's sort of a bad thing.

        but oh well....i'm fine w/ it.

        and feeling
        spirtually so so so true.


          Ramzan Mubarak to all


            Yep, Have a great Ramzaan.

            from, me in the UK



              Any suggestions for a venue. If not I'm just gonna book Khans in Bayswater and I'll wait for you all there.


                There is another Halal food place on Queens RD, in Bayswater called Fukhurudin Restaurant. You will definately enjoy their food.

                Brother Abdul mughal


                  Nagina jee, aapne hathoun seay bana keay iftari karvain. Iftari kaa mazza bhee ziadah iaey gaa aur aap to sawab bhey ziadah houga.

                  otherwise, Regents Park mosque will have arrangement for iftar throughout Ramadan, that could be a financially attractive place for your iftar party.

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                    Salaam to all of you in Gupland,Espcially to Nageena rani jee.
                    I have just registered on Gup Shup,and this is my first message.

                    I hope to hve lots more Gup Shups with you all from now on.

                    kh for now


                      SAJID, ABDUL, MAHMOOD,

                      Thanks for the suggestions but you have to DECIDE to come before deciding a venue. And where are all the female guppers? We have to sort this out soon, Hopefully before EID ka Chand!!!!!


                        Nagina jee, aappney hath kaey pakoray khilian. chahie jahanun main invite kaar lain.

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                          Ramadan MUbaarak to you all too!!
                          (like SAba ji said--abhi kuchh din baaqi hain -according to the Markazi Jamaat Ahle Sunnat as reported in yesterday's Jang (London edition) rozay will begin on Thursday although it all depends on sighting of moon...)

                          Nageena ji--that's a great idea! I'm in


                            Mahmood Sahib,
                            Teek hai!
                            Pakoreey bhi asey ki you won't be able to keep rozey for the next few days.
                            We'll let all decide on a place!
                            By the way if any US based Guppers wanna come MOST WELLLLCCCCOOOOMMMEEE. How can we forget you all.

                            So whats it to be, Should I arrange for a venue and then let you all know or shall we consider everyone's travel etc.. and hold it at a mutually convienant place. Kuch tu andaaza ho. Everyone just keeps saying yeah, I'll come, I'll come!!!!


                              because everyone is thinking its another gupp.