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Gup shup is looking too parhakoo (nerd style)

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    Gup shup is looking too parhakoo (nerd style)

    Yaar Azkar sahib, what happened to the fonts the smily faces and the colorful background...kheir mein bhi dheet hoon i'll soon get used to this format.

    Naik larki its good to hear from you, iss moqay pay ik misra yaad aya

    Ghulam farida dil othay dayaay
    jithay ugla qader wi janay

    k.k humam has its own fun..its a guys thing, but man! lez let the world live... the way heer & juliet d'oh I mean romeo and ranjha d'oh I mean oh well you know....the way they lived.

    Cant please everybody.
    But, BOSS is right here. I do miss the old layout. But the problem was insiffucient control. Dont worry. We are working on restoring many of the features previously available on GUPSHUP. All smilies, frownies, noties and haties will be back.



      Na Na Na Na...lazy, lazy, laaZzZzy Nananana


        BoSS yaraa the KAAKIAN here r old, I mean they all know you n probably me so lets wait there till the arrival of NEW SHIKAAR.

        You know what I mean...


          What the hell is up with u Niazi Uncle?
          Quit cheap talking before I nuke you and this
          time buddy I sure do mean it!

          Doing such things won't help u improve ur self esteem. I mean ur again becoming a mevy go wound Remember the very, very first time I confronted u about some thing? Alhamdulilah U've improved on that. But if u don't let go of this habbit too, then for sure I'm gonna blow up (well maybe, maybe). Behna kehthay ho thoo u are gonna face lots of confrotations by me Like it or not! Decision is urs ...

          PS. OoOophs! Called u unc' well I had one by that name, he was very pois (I wouldn't even imagine talkin' to him like that, other wise Abu tho khoob jooothiyan marain gay thehe..)What about you huh? Just bugging *No offence*