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Asian Girls and Black Guys

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    Asian Girls and Black Guys

    Recently my friend was telling me about asian girls going out with black guys here in the UK (and vice versa).

    Girls> How true is this? What do you think of this? If its true, whats wrong with asian boys? And what the hell do you see in them???

    Boys> I think you guys might back me on this, but I believe that asian girls are just too damn good for black guys. (Its unthinkable!!!) Your comments?

    Im sorry if this is offensive, but its been bugging me.

    no wayy yazoo.

    well i have to say, silly girls and silly boys. there's no point in doing this....cuz they're just end up hurting themselves cuz it's not going to work out due to the religious issue.

    yazoo - the arab girls i know....dig their dark dark skin - for real. and probably their tough-looking appreance. and those girls probably decided to not to have an interest in asia (desi?) guyz anymore cuz they probably wanted to ....explore? more..



      And what the hell do you see in them???

      may i ask? what the hell do you mean by this?
      men are men, be they dark of skin or black of heart. And news flash for you pal! Some black guyz are extremely well mannered and very darn cute!


        i.e. denzel washington!

        **kohal faints**

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          Yazoo, a simple question for you...

          Pierce a black guys finger and peirce a white guys finger and then pierce a brown guys finger. Match the color of the blood that each of them dispense. I'm thinking its gonna be red in all three. So how exactly are they all different in their humanity?


            Spooki dam man i agree with ya like 101% u go ....what ever u r ...i mean girl or a guy...but everyone is the equal...and if i knew a black dude who was most of everything i was looking for ...dammm i'd be out with him NOW!hehehe hey don't take me as a ..hmm hmm that was an example i think i over did it ....ok better shut up now....chill till then!


              right on shpookz!!
              hehe kohaaalllllllll pagal larki!
              22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                DONT TAKE IS AS MY COMMENT ITS WHAT I HEARD from a UK living 21 years old lady. and i will be open!!! and which you guys are trying to say but cant get it out your throats!!!

                They are interested in SEX with black guys because THEY believe that black guys have long penises. I dont know why im writing this but someones gota clear it out!!!

                SUre you are angry hey its the truth and it hurts see yaaaaaaa


                Till next time***K_I_S_S***



         say it bluntly.....
                  oh yeah, and include the arab guys in that category as well!

                  i'm out!! before someone starts lecturin' moi!


                    Hey guys... lets stop acting like racist and stop talking about this white, black, paki and indian crap. We all are muslims and believe in same God and to his eyes everyone is equal, no matter from what race he is,or what color he has. There are somethings some people like and other people don't, thats nature, who are we to judge, why ones likes it and we don't.


                      Kohal jee you look very experienced i wonder where you been????

                      all you gota do is check it out!!! Dont discriminate othersssss HERE statisfaction is guranteed!!!


                      Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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                        Interesting thread topic yazoo...

               why is it that desi girls can do better than a black guy???
                        if she were to be with a gora is that better?
                        or even Better than a desi even????

                        I really am amazed at how much we still are stuck on color and ethnicity...and impression that gives in our decsions about mates.

                        any desi marrying out is not doing something that
                        a. someone else has not done.
                        b. Is not making some big score
                        c. Is not better/worse than me.

               isn't that big of a deal. I've heard that many desi girls prefer NON desi guys because they are much more considerate than desi guys.

                        I was told this is because the non-desi guy is so gratefull he got a chance with you..and knows he really has a slim one..he'll make sure he doesn't mess up..whilde desi guys see the girls as ghar ke murghi who is looking to tie him up with that marriage they take the girls for granted.

                        Now a word from your mod
                        Members...Please remember the rules of gupshup when posting..don't let it get out of hand.

                        BUt..I'm going to let this thread go on..because where else can we talk about this sort of things so openly..well sort of openly.


                          kashmirigirl - a quite in-depth view
                          on the desi thinking system.

                          as for JAAWAN!!!!! (i can KiLL you for saying that! Howeva..the easy going sort of person i am)::::
                          think what chu want boy.

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                            Kohal jee dont mind me but you said it soo damn that way that well not just me any guy would think sure you know your limitssssssss...


                            Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                              jawaan betaa, welcome to amreekaa.