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Long awaited other ID of mine...

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    Long awaited other ID of mine...

    yaar yeh baat tou achi nai lagi mujhay gapians ki.... strangers say baat hi nai kartay... aray jab tak baat nai hoo gi strangers friends mei kaisay convert ho gay..... anyways....

    Here are few details about me...


    started at gupistan only 16.5 hrs ago....

    there is no other ID of mine.... (thats specially for you Sandleen n' pagalDeewani...)

    I'm into my own business.... IT solutions... ranging from software development to LAN & WAN networks...

    single... never married... no engagement.....

    ummmmm...... 6' black hair... hazel iz.... ummm... average lookin'

    what else....

    fav quote... Once I had a Life... now i've got computer...

    happy now... all of you? *smiles n' winks*

    and what abt ur other ID? don hide it from me..


      Originally posted by Lash Pash!!:
      and what abt ur other ID? don hide it from me..
      C'mon lash pash... aap bhi na.... *smiles*


        like i said before ...i dont care ....
        "Hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold urs "


          Originally posted by Sandleen:
          like i said before ...i dont care ....
          really.... *Aankhain patpataing with great deal of masoomiyaat*


            Originally posted by shabalu:

            C'mon lash pash... aap bhi na.... *smiles*
            kia bay ..main bhi na kia

            Sandooz...yeh cheeeeeeez


              u forgot to mention ur other ID.........
              ~*The Most Colourful Guppan Award Holder*~

              ~*~Member of the Pink Panther Clan~*~


                thanx for mentioning my name, although as sandi sis said, me don't care either welcome to gupistan n enjoy ur stay lashpash sandi n mahneen sis c'mon yaar let poor lad breath a lil we can always have our fun
                Depending on the perspective, everything is beautiful!!


                  u r pretty right shabalu

                  I am a stranger here too and am really bored here these days, U into IT stuff too, man I am a Software Engineer here in a software house in Karachi, expertise in J2EE,
                  looking to have my own setup here, to provide offshore development services but currently gaining the experience to do so in near future, By the way do u deal in 3D Studio max animations, have a freind back there in LHR who works as a free lancer and is quite good at making 3d Max animations if u are interested he can get in touch with you

                  How is the Lahore market shaping up ? heard a lot of new companies are opening up there true ?

                  anyway nice to meet u pal

                  see yaa

                  P.S guess I didnt introduce myslef properly earlier



                  Programming, workouts, songs, movies, poetry, TT, VolleyBall, net

                  looking for some good freinds here





                      same to me Dear I am stranger here and always feel very bordome here ...You can see from my name ..I am strager for ever.. no one has time to ask my orignal name..

                      well I am just 29/Lahore/ Male

                      1996 MBBS KE Lahore
                      2001 FRCS UK

                      working in Manchester

                      Wrote two books

                      1) Woh eshaq jo hum say rooth gaya (Safarnama) ..published by ILMI kitab Khana Lahore 1998
                      2) Yah na thee humari qismet (Mazahia Khakay) Prince Book depot Lahore 2000

                      10 publications in the field of medicine (App ko samjh nahi aay gee.. kiyoun kee mujhay bee nahi aai)

                      Marital Status : Kabi Khushi kabi ghum (PD sumajhti hai meray ghum ko)

                      Single.. and not looking for any one..

                      Kuch yeh ke muddaton se, Hum bhi nahi thay roey
                      Kuch zeher mein bujha tha, ahbaab ka dilaasa :crying:


                        well same here still looking for friends but hmmmmmmmm mari kismat ....... woh baat hai nah , har hath melanay wala doost nahi hota... so bus khair.... chalo app logo say hath melata ho or dil say dil melata ho ... abb dekhtay hai kay koun doosti karta hai or koun serf hath melanay wala ban kar rahta hai...

                        wesay im not now 25 just 24 but INSHALLAH in last of april ill be 25 then MALE if u guz really antz to chack me out..... then im in khi ......lighten city ..... then ajj kal hmmmmmm kuch nahi bekar just thoray din phelay appna computer ka bussniess khatam kar kay betha ho due to some reasonz so lookin forward to get some job as well as starting any new bussniess .

                        KALA , peela , 4.1 hieght . sir par baal nahi , muu mai teeth nahi . magar aik baat dil ka bora nahi ho mai
                        Mai Bura Mari Duniya Buri . . . . Dor jaoo gay tu Mar JaaOo gaay , PaSs aaOo gaay tu JaL JaaOo gaay


                          I have the time to ask your real name

                          whats it ?

                          lets be freinds yaar

                          2 strangers can become 2 freinds

                          kia khial hay ?

                          by the way u must know PagalDeewani, Sandaleen, Shoaib Akhtar, nikki, LP ,and all but I dont even know them, all i know is that most of u live abroad and thats it ....

                          c u

                          P.S aur ghum ko share karain to ghum kum hoga
                          aur ghum se ghabraya nahi kartay

                          "ghum raha jab tak dum main dum raha"


                            Brilliant dear ....

                            what a guess..

                            how you know me..?
                            Kuch yeh ke muddaton se, Hum bhi nahi thay roey
                            Kuch zeher mein bujha tha, ahbaab ka dilaasa :crying:


                              naa Younis Bat has a lot more books against his name