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Bodies dissolved in chemical: Maniac claims slaughters over 100 boys

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    Bodies dissolved in chemical: Maniac claims slaughters over 100 boys

    Bodies dissolved in chemical: Maniac claims slaughters over 100 boys

    LAHORE,A man claimed to have killed during the last one year over 100 boys after subjecting them to criminal assault at his three-room house, some 200 yards from the Ravi Road police station.

    As an evidence of his claim the suspect left two human skeletons in an acid-filled container at the house from where the police recovered at least nine bags carrying the clothes and shoes of the suspected victims.

    Although the police admitted that the murders had been committed at the place, they expressed doubts about the exact number of the victims.

    The dreadful crime came to light on Thursday when a newspaper received a parcel containing the pictures of the 100 boys, aged between 12 and 15, and a hand-written note from the alleged killer, who identified himself as Javed Iqbal, 40.

    The exact contents of the note could not be ascertained. However, a source said that the man had given in it the details of his killing spree that started over a year ago. He claimed that the boys murdered had been enticed away from Ravi Road and from around the Data Gunj Bakhsh shrine at Bhati Gate. Javed admitted that he had committed criminal assault with the victims before murdering them.

    "It seems that the man committed sodomy to avenge his own humiliation but his claim of killing over 100 boys has yet to be verified," said Malik Iqbal, the DIG of Lahore.

    "I have received a parcel last night containing the pictures and addresses of about 40 boys. In his note, the accused has claimed that he had killed all the people in revenge as he, too, had been treated in a similar fashion."

    Sources, however, said that the police had received the parcel about five days ago. The police referred it to the CIA for action. The house was placed under surveillance but the police made no attempt to check it from inside.

    "The staff officer of CIA SP Sarwar and head-constable Umer Hayat visited the scene about four days ago. On seeing the door locked from outside they left without making further investigations," said the sources.

    The police reached the scene only after some reporters had entered the house by scaling its wall. The reporters found in the house, located in a narrow street, several placards nailed to the walls in an orderly manner. The writings on these placards give details about the victims and the murders.

    One placard read: "The five sacks lying in one corner of this room contain the clothes of 100 victims while the remaining three (sacks) contain 85 pairs of shoes belonging to them. All details about the murders are mentioned in the diary and the 32-page notebook has been placed in the room. This is my confessional statement".

    At least four sacks filled with clothes were found in the room and some 20 pairs of shoes and sandals were seen lying in another corner.

    The alleged killer had also written on each of the sacks the exact number of garments and shoes in them.

    The house emitted an odious smell and there were several drums of chemicals lying in a V-shaped storeroom.

    The skeletons were recovered from two large containers. At least, 13 other small containers filled with acid and some other items were in the store.

    "Today dated November 25, 1999, I have decided to commit suicide. Yesterday, I killed my employee, Sajid, and incinerated his body in the container so that he could be punished for theft and for disturbing me again and again. Now I can (go) to sleep in the depths of the Ravi," according to another placard.

    Yet another placard read: "The dead bodies in this room have not been disposed of intentionally so (that) the administration may find them after my suicide".

    And another placard read: "If the Ghaziabad SHO had not taken away my 'murderer' and had not kept him at his place this tragedy would not have happened. He (the SHO) is responsible for the death of these 100 people. That fateful night I was asleep in the room with my two employees when one of them 'murdered' (sodomized) me. Later, he 'murdered' my minor employee."

    "I pray for forgiveness to all my friends who helped me. I take responsibility for all the acts and bring these blind-murders to public, otherwise, you would not have become aware of the reality."

    One placard was about the way he had disposed of the bodies: "I am indebted to my friends, especially Haji Naseem. I am leaving the world with this burden. One more death after the killing of 100 does not make much difference. The world will remember this mode of revenge. The bodies flowed through the sewer just like my blood when my employees 'murdered' me."

    Talking about the selection of victims, he writes: "Data Darbar and the red-light area have been turned into breeding- grounds of crime. The runaway children seek refuge there and learn to commit murder, theft, pick-pocketing and get involved in immoral activities. If the government failed to check this, people would find a 'solution' like I did."

    Another placard narrates the details of torture Javed claimed he had been subjected to by the Ghaziabad police in a fake case.

    "The car was sold and I went broke during my medical treatment. All routes were leading towards suicide so I decided not to go alone and (thus I have) taken several others with me. God heard my prayers and helped me. I started playing holi with human blood. Now 100 mothers would die weeping like my mother did," read a placard.

    The police said Javed rented the house about three months ago. He set up a chemical manufacturing business there.

    Javed rented the house through a real estate dealer, Munir Hussain Shah, who has been taken into custody for interrogation.

    In his letters to the DIG and the newspaper, Javed also provided the addresses of his brothers - Ziaul Haq, Mohammad Shahid and Mohammad Pervaiz - in Shadbagh.

    The police were preparing to raid their houses when the three brothers themselves appeared at the police station. They wanted to file a report disowning Javed, stating that he had taken his share of the family property and that they should not be held responsible for any of his acts.

    They were taken into custody and shifted to the CIA headquarters in Qila Gujjar Singh for interrogation. "Either it is a coincidence or they knew what Javed claimed he had done," said a police investigator.

    Talking to reporters, Ziaul Haq said Javed had married twice and had two children. Both the marriages had ended in divorce. He claimed that Javed had shifted to a separate house about one-and- a-half years ago and no family member had seen Javed or heard from him during the past six months.

    The DIG said that special teams had been sent to check all the addresses given by Javed. "The list contains addresses in Lahore and other cities. Therefore, we need some time to verify whether his claims are true or not."

    "It seems that either we are dealing with a psychopath or the man is a liar. It also remains to be verified if he is alive or had actually committed suicide," he said.

    Meanwhile, Dawn managed to locate the address of one of the victims, Zaheer Abbas, 14, at Lajpat Road, Shahdara. Zaheer was the eldest son of an ambulance driver, Mukhtar Hussain. "I still remember the date. It was August 20, when he went to the market and did not came back," said Zaheer's mother, who had returned from a nearby shrine after praying for her son's return. The police contacted Rasheed Doger in Sargodha, inquiring about his missing son, Zeeshan, and his friend, Naseer Ahmad.

    "We have some news about your missing son and his friend, therefore, you should reach CIA headquarters as soon as possible," a source quoted a police officer talking to Doger.

    Nothing is impossible in this Universe,
    Just go try and fight for the right...

    you will get sum.

    More and more such stories from India and Pakistan are beginning to surface.

    Some would ask, "What is the world coming to?", however I would hazard to guess that it's been happening all along...just was under wraps.


      Yeah I agree, but at that time ppl were so illetarte and communication was not so good, but these days, oh my God. Horriable, just in 100 days, 100 boys, no one cared , no one took notice , is this for Pakistan was made???

      Nothing is impossible in this Universe,
      Just go try and fight for the right...

      you will get sum.