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    i dunno. Just wanted to post this up. The national Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [kind of like Canadian CNN with a tiny budget] ran a profile on this NGO. They're looking for funds. It's an Egypt-based pediatric hospital to treat cancer cases, for free. They want to provide medical treatment to Egyptian children with cancer.

    It's a reputable thing, you can check out their website here. i checked it out for myself, it's all thoroughly reputable but please feel more than free to verify that for yourself. The programme was broadcast on tonight's [20 February] edition of the CBC's "The National"; reporting journalist was Adrienne Arsenault. You can e-mail the CBC about it yourself: [email protected]

    The programme mentioned that for children in Egypt, cancer cases are significantly higher when compared to the rest of the region; doctors remain uncertain why this is so. There have been and continue to be national fundraising campaigns, most notably by that Egyptian singer dude Hisham Abbas and others.

    If you find it appropriate, check out the org., verify it, and pass on the word


    May ALLAH give them courage to do this noble work...i my self have seen the pains a child suffers from cancer young nephew ...14 months .. was diagnosed cancer .....alhumdollilah he is now partially cured... but not out of danger yet....

    i can feel the pain......will promote this thing..may be some one may help...

    jazakallah ......
    لا عيش إلا عيش الآخرة
    BROTHERS NOT SLAVES. Regain Respect