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Serial killers (an article from Dawn)

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    Serial killers (an article from Dawn)

    62 identified so far: Maniac's partner confesses hand in 29 murders

    By Azmat Abbas

    LAHORE, Dec 5: Police on Sunday claimed that two accomplices of Javed Iqbal Mughal, the psychopath, had
    confessed their involvement in the molestation and killing of some of the over 100 boys.

    Zafar Iqbal, 22, was arrested on Friday while Sabir, 17, was picked up at Shakargarh on Saturday night. Both were
    Javed's employees.

    Meanwhile, the number of the victims identified increased to 62 on Sunday.

    "Initially, Javed did it to me and then I joined him in targeting other boys. Later, I assisted him in killing our
    victims," a source quoted Zafar as having said.

    A senior police official told Dawn that Javed was staying in Ghaziabad where he met Zafar and employed him. He (Javed) often
    committed unnatural offence on him till the time that they jointly started targeting other boys. The association was about eight years

    "I was his (Javed's) partner in some 29 killings. Once the target was allured from around the shrine of Data Gunj Bukhsh we gained
    the boy's trust by giving him money and good food. Later, he was subjected to criminal assault for several days," the official quoted

    Revealing the mode of killing, Zafar told the police: "We intoxicated our victim and then suffocated him by pressing a pillow on his
    face. The rest of the job was not that difficult."

    Zafar lived in Narowal before he moved to Harbanspura with his family about nine years ago.

    Sabir maintained that he was involved in a few killings only, the official said.

    The official termed the confessions a major breakthrough in the case. "It substantiates the fact that the killings were not committed
    by Javed alone."

    Meanwhile, the police also arrested Mohammad Arshad at Shujaabad. A former employee of the self-confessed killer, Arshad was
    shifted to the CIA headquarters in Qila Gujjar Singh, Lahore.

    In the overnight raids, the police took into custody Ehsan Butt, editor of a monthly magazine, in which Javed was a shareholder.

    GRAVE EXHUMED: A team of senior doctors accompanied by the police and district administration officials exhumed a grave in
    Bhai Pheru, on reports that the man buried there was Javed.

    On Nov 29, a man died in an accident and his identity could not be established. However, name 'Javed' was tattooed on his forearm.

    Javed's brothers, Pervaiz and Ziaul Haq, who were taken to the grave, told the investigators that the body was not that of Javed.

    "The body had started decomposing but the face was still recognizable," said one doctor.

    People of the locality where Javed's slaughter house was located told the police that Javed was seen in the area on Dec 1.

    "Javed went to the house of Mohammad Yasin and took away his (latter's) 14-year-old son, Nadeem, who was his former employee,"
    one man told the police.

    Mohammad Yaseen was taken into custody for interrogation.

    Till late Sunday night, Punjab home secretary, and the DIG and SSP of Lahore were at the CIA headquarters in connection with the

    VICTIMS IDENTIFIED: The belongings of another five missing children were identified by their families at the Ravi Road police

    On Sunday the picture of 13-year-old Muzammil Husain was identified by his father, Allah Wasaya. He was a resident of Nazir
    Colony, Multan, and was missing for the past three months. However, the family had not lodged any missing person report. According
    to Allah Wasaya, Muzzamil had left the house on an earlier occasion too but had returned after about a month.

    According to the list of victims sent to the police by the sex maniac, Muzzamil was murdered on Sept 26.

    Waris Ali (Jhang) identified the picture, shoes and clothes of his 14-year-old son, Tauqeer Ali.

    He said the boy went missing on Sept 9. The date of killing as provided by the killer was Sept 13. Waris said that about two weeks after
    his son had gone missing he reported the matter to the police.

    "Instead of helping me in finding the boy the police asked me to go home and wait for the child to return. No case was registered," he

    Kamran Khan Niazi alias Billa, 14, a resident of Faisalabad, went missing about five months ago. His father, Noorullah Khan,
    identified his picture and clothes. The killer had written Aug 22 as the date of murder on the back of Billa's photograph.

    Noorullah said the boy worked as a labourer and one day he disappeared. "I contacted his friends but they didn't know where he had
    gone. It was not much of a worry for me as I thought the boy was old enough to support himself," he said. Ramzan Ahmad, 14, son of
    Khan Mohammad, was identified with the help of a picture and a pair of shoes by his brother, Irshad Khan. He was a resident of
    Burewala and was missing for the past four months.

    Sajjad Ahmad, 14, son of Muslim Khan, went missing in Rawalpindi on Aug 3. He worked as a shoe-polish boy. Although, his picture
    and clothes could not be traced, his brother, Fayyaz, identified his slippers.

    Apparently, the maniac had failed to extract the name and other details about Sajjad. In his list, he wrote: "unidentified boy, aged
    around 14 years, a resident of Mardan."

    All of them should be executed. The Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore would be the ideal venue. It should be broadcast live on PTV.