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Firm handshake, uncertain intentions and home.

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    Firm handshake, uncertain intentions and home.

    There’s a whole crew of these grey suited middle management ‘strongmen’ who feel it’s part of their job to attempt to squeeze a tear out of their ‘adversary’ when shaking hands. I can visibly see the strain showing on their faces as they squeeze and shake hands in an effort to move up the chain.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m no proponent of the limp handshake either, you know the one where you think a spider has crawled across your palm and you have to look twice to make sure. There's a lot to be said for moderation.

    Anyway back to the 'strongmen'.

    I never much liked these types, old school power managers who learned smiling out of a ‘teach yourself how’ book and apply business ethics and negotiation law at the breakfast table to get the last pancake.

    Well all that aside, I have a very basic level of humour and as it was my last day in the Egypt office I decided to take on the ‘strongmen’. No not in some ideological debate or mental struggle, but to hit them were it hurts, literally…..the handshake!

    I had a presentation and speeches etc yesterday and then the ‘strongmen’ lined up for the ‘handshake’. Now unbeknownst to them I was a bit of a ‘mercy champion’ (squeezing knuckles and fingers of your friends until they screamed) in my youth, but I left such shenanigans in the playground unlike our ‘strongmen’.

    In a room full of people, I them wincing and ouching and one even to his knees in my vice-like grip. They all laughed it off in good humour, the onlookers were a bit puzzled but I explained it was an ‘in-joke’, which of course it was….I laughed heartily.

    I’ll miss Egypt, the Egyptians and a whole host of other nationalities I met out here.

    I’ve got a lot of memories from this place. I got married, had a child, had fun and learned a great deal about myself and what I want out of life.

    Back to London tommorow, for good this time I think…..well maybe.

    Welcome back home. We knew you couldn't stay away for too long. Bet your local chippy must be delighted to have you back.

    And people, please. No jokes about why Thaps one hand is stronger than the other.


      if its any consolation they still try to break each others knuckles nowadays

      welcome back


        Thap: u talk too much...
        I love you too.


          Never been a fan of the physical contact between associates, I prefer the head nod or if leaving the lazy pseudo military salute. Welcome home Thap, how long were you in Egypt?


            Well I actually fly in about 8 hours or so. So lots of time for last minute re-packing but 200kg can't magically become 50kg, no matter how we dice it.

            I came out to Egypt 3 years ago with a light duffle bag and my pc, going back with two extra people and shipload of furniture and 6 suitcases.

            It appears that I've gathered some moss but grateful for it, everything apart from the suitcase full of emergency colour coordinated shoes and handbags.

            I'll never buy expensive suitcases again they weigh more than the contents and have dodgy hinges.