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Who should give thier phone number first...girl or guy?

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    Who should give thier phone number first...girl or guy?

    well guys and girl ..this is one Q that i would really like an answer to ,that, Is it true if a guy gives his # it's okay and if a girl does it is known to be, as we call it, CHEAP??thanx u all....and please tell me why, to support u'r answer!!

    Khan, it all matters on what your perception of the situation is. Guys don't really care and give out their number freely. On the other hand women are more selective simply because they have legitimate concerns about security, and the mental well being of the guy they are giving the number to. Go to any bar and its always the guy who tries to get a womans number. Its all part of the chase. I don't think it cheapens them in any way. IMHO.


      Well I was looking at ur question ... the last bit says "Support your answer". Is it an assignment for the students or an exam question????

      I think its the pakistani girls living with the parents are afraid of giving phone numbers .... because we (our parents) are so orthodox that we think that if a guy is calling a girl would be interested in her in terms of relationship, but the scenario can be differnet and he could be a friend only. But our traditions dont allow male-female friendship.

      European, I am not sure about USA/Canadian, girls dont usually mind giving their number provided if they know u. And to be honest I think last I asked for a girls number is over three years ago now, they usually give it me I dont ask for it now, because I dont talk to asian girls at all well to be precise I dont talk to Pakistani girls at all.



        Najim sahib, why don't you talk to Pakistani girls? Burri baat. That almost sounds as a .. umm, what do these fine americans call it, a diss?

        My Aba Jaan told me never to give my number to any laRka because its not good if boys call me at Aba's house. But I do agree that laRkay give their phone number more freely becaue I have numbers of sooooo many of them that I have lost count. If I really like a laRka, I mean, reallllllly like a laRka, then I will trust him and give him my number and ask him to call me only when Aba Jaan and Ammi Jaan have gone out to a Dawat or something.

        Yours Truely,
        Amrecan Billo No Number



          khan: i dont think it matterz.

          ikhan: i agree.

          najim: u shouldnt have to ask...if ure changa ull get the numba simple.

          billo: che che che chupkeh chupke?!?!hahahaha

          byez ppl
          ps: herez ma number kall ne time 4 a friendly gup shup....0961 832230...just mention gup shup n ull get special tretment!
          pps:do i sound cheap?!?!?!nah!!!!!!!


            It depends on the person really. Im a boy, I dont usually have any problems giving my number out to people, but I usually like to know a person by name or something. Perhaps im talking rubbish.

            OK, heres an answer, if u want my number, e-mail me and I will give it. (My moby of course, not home)


              If only some gal would ask me for my number. I'd gladly give it to her. Why do they always think I'm taken?


                American Billo,
                Whatever u call it ... directly or indirectly ... you are cheating your parents, ya its very nice to talk to a guy on the phone when u parents 're away. I dont cheat myself and I dont like the people who cheat their parents. So if ur father doesn't want u to talk to any guy ... you shouldn't give your number to any guy.


                If its really ur phone number then I think its not a wise decision to leave your number on the WEB ... because anyone can get your number if anyone comes on Gupshup (any internet user I mean). If u have given someones number ... to wo bechara ab ro raha hogaa.


                This mobile phone thingee have sorted the problem for many newly born (2 weeks) Aashiqs as well as surving the really needed people.


                  Salam Doston,

                  Najim sahib, we are not discussing who we are cheating and who we are not here. We are just discussing who gives the phone number waghaira waghaira. Aur rahi baat Aba jaan ki, I'm sure he has broken a few hearts in his days too. This whole silsila of boy meeting girl, or in my case, girl meeting boys, has been going on for ages. Remember Heer/Ranjha, and Shireen/Farhad? Agar un kay zamanay mein phone hota, to kiya woh phone peh chup chup kay baatein nahin kartay kiya?

                  Yours Truely,
                  Amrecan Billo is a Girl


                    wa wa u guys and chicks r the da bomb u ...... i just love this .....HHAHAHAHhA
                    but seriously thanx and yeah i agree that cells are the BOMB TOOOOOOOO
                    well well...... i think that a girl and guy r equal and the # should be exchanged as much as possible and tell u'r parents ...."this is called TECHNOLOGY" hahahahahahahah
                    love emaan (the babe )


                      Let's drag ourselves into the 21st century here. We sit next to guys in class, do projects and assignments with them, so what's the problem of talking to them on the phone?

                      If I think a guy is decent and interesting then I do give him my number. When I first went to university my father was really agitated when I would talk to my male university friends on the phone. I explained to him that I was doing nothing wrong - if I wanted to mess around, why would I choose to do so when I had come home, in front of him rather than when I was 60 miles away out of his sight? He still felt uneasy but now he has realised that I am trust worthy and have pretty sound judgment.

                      But I do not agree with deceiving parents - if you live in their house then you live by their rules. If my father had still not agreed then I would have deferrred to his wishes. But luckily he saw the logic.


                        Emaan Khan..mere khyial sa,both should exchange the number same time,you give the number to a girl and she should give you her number,otherwise it is adios time samjee mere bhai

                        dil..dilseee...dil to akhir dil hai na


                          hahahahaaha thanx for sharing that song dil se!!
                          and hon don't worry about me i am just trying to find out the opinons of others and on top of all that i am no bhai ....haha i am a girl so that should be changed to behan but anyways it's not as if i am trying to make anyone by BHAI hehe
                          ok well all the rest of u i wanna hear from u too....anything u think is right.. drot it down!! Well well ples cont!!chill till then!


                            Emaan Khan begum sahiba.....larki ik emaan to apna hota hai,waisa ap ka kiya iman hai ..well dear agar bhai wagara nahi banana hai to jaise ap ke marzi..what ever you consider me it is upto you...dost...

                            dil..dilse...dil to akhir dil hai na


                              No one. Keep it to yourself :->