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US finally acknowledges shameful Massacre

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    US finally acknowledges shameful Massacre,00.html

    US tries to atone for shameful massacre by cavalry
    By Nicholas Wapshott

    A memorial to the native Americans killed at Sand Creek opens in 2007

    THE most brutal slaughter of native Americans in the settlement of the West is to be commemorated in the United States’ first national historic site dedicated solely to a massacre.
    In 1864, 163 native Americans, mostly unarmed women and children, were hacked to death by US cavalrymen in the Massacre of Sand Creek, one of the most shameful acts of barbarity ever committed by American soldiers.


    I didn't post the whole article but it's good to see the American immigrants are finally taking responsibility for wiping out almost an entire race.

    Good on yer yanks

    Nice post Madhanee