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TV Network monopolies!

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    TV Network monopolies!

    whats with all the syncronized advertising on TV Channels. You try to flip channels when you hit the ads and all the other channels are showing ads as well. Ok OK some will say that since most shows start on the half hour or an hour, it has to be this way but really every single channel doesnt have to start their programs with ads. They could stagger them by 30secs or something. And then to compound it all, all the ads last exactly the same time! I think it been all planned by the channels - we need to get the consumer association involved :mad1:

    Or someone get me a Tivo.

    I know, its so irritating. All the channels decide to show the ads in one go and they last for 10 minutes! the actually show is only for 20 minutes most of the time. And whats up with these stupid reality shows which I always end up watching ie Average Joe and My Big Fat Fiancee.
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