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    Safety Issues

    There's a few topics going in different forums about Basant right now. One argument against the kite flying is that it is a dangerous pastime, and true enough there have been deaths involved nearly every year. The other argument against is that it's a 'hindu' festival....though what flying kites has to do with hinduism I have no idea.

    Anyway, what I was wondering was; why do we have people bringing up the issue of saftey so fervently against Basant, yet we never have the same people clamouring for more regulated driving tests, wearing of seatbelts, cyclist safety wear and so on?

    the issue of safety is just clutching at straws as all other arguments against are weak.
    JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


      Driving tests, wearing of seatbelts, cyclists saftety are necessities and deaths which result from it or lack thereof are a shame, however one will not stop going to his office for fear of death and such a death though tragic is unavoidable...Traffic deaths are a sad part of everyday life, and the US despite having the most stringent safety laws has one of the highest rate of accidents in the world...Sad, but true and unavoidable...

      Dying from kite flying and writing it off as an unfortunate accident is like someone wanting to go high on Cocaine and dying from an overdose...It's wasteful, it's useless, it's baseless and it (From some pictures I have seen) borders on vulgarity...No doubt being a zinda-dilaan-e-Lahore might entail being vulgar, but at the expense of what? Values?

      Question should be, if the value of basant is more valuable than a single human life, the money saved from it to feed a thousand people or to spend it on a worthwhile cause like Edhi foundation or Ansar Burney trust, should we still practice it?

      I think it's someone's signature, which says that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of idiots or little minds or something like that...And nothing portrays this more than Basant which despite every year resulting in deaths, wastage and uselessness, is consistently celebrated with the same fervour and enthusiasm as the year before...
      Focus not on who you are but what you do...


        People die from celeberatory gun-fire on the occassions of weddings. People die performing hajj. People die on the occassion of Eid-al-Adha because of over-eating the meat.

        Wasteful, probably
        Vulgar, probably
        Questionable origin, probably.
        Kills people, now wait a minute.

        Lets be clear what is the actual basis of our criticism. People die because they are either stupid or do something unsafe. That doesn't make the occassion, itself, as inappropriate. Otherwise we will need to ban all weddings in NWFP, because some stupid people want to fire their guns in the sky and kill innocent people.

        Basant is supposed to be celebrated in open fields, and people fly kites as a celebration of spring. The night basant, the clothing, the loud music, the metal wires, running on the streets not looking at the traffic, unsafe roof-tops etc ... these are somethings added by our people.
        "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


          in my opinion, celebratory gunfire should certainly be banned.

          and should you want to celebrate basant in a manner that ensures nobody falls off roofs, you'd hear no opposition from me. i promise.
          Din-e-Mullah fee sabeelillah fasad (Allama Iqbal)


            Originally posted by Faisal:

            Questionable origin.
            Even if we take care of the first two, what about the third one?

            I strongly beleive it comes down to personal level of Love of Rasool:saw:.. If one recognizes that its background may 'possibbly' be attached to a "gustaakh-e-Rasool," and still adore it, then it's between him and ALLAH:swt:.. and we are simply supposed to let the person know as I am assuming Xtreme bhai was also pointing to a thread I opened right here ;-)

            Quite often good things have hurtful consequences. There are instances of men who have been ruined by their money or KILLED by their COURAGE.” ~Aristotle


              Originally posted by PakistaniAbroad:
              the issue of safety is just clutching at straws as all other arguments against are weak.
              That's how it seems to me, because I just don't see these same people worrying about safety issues in other aspects of Pakistani life. The one's who make the most noise against it like Anwaar, the major problem they have with it is it's supposed 'background'

              Fine, so I think we should forget about using the red herring of 'safety' and take the bull by the horns.

              Originally posted by Anwaar Qureshi:

              I strongly beleive it comes down to personal level of Love of Rasool:saw:.. If one recognizes that its background may 'possibbly' be attached to a "gustaakh-e-Rasool," and still adore it, then it's between him and ALLAH:swt:..
              Personally my own view is that flying kites in no way equates to doing pooja at some temple and this is just religious overkill as usual. Should we apply the same rules to how we appear on GS then? What if we were to take on an icon of a famous gay pop singer like George Michael? Shouldn't we then recognise "that its background may 'possibbly' be attached to a "gustaakh-e-Rasool," ?


                anyone seen the Geo Transmission on Basant? A one year old girl was killed while she was travelling along her mother and father on a motorbike because the the kite fell on them and the door went around her neck, something like that happened. And she is just one of them, majority of the killed ones were around 10 to 18.

                While celebrating basant, lets not forget the poor kids who celebrate it on the streets of Pakistan. The roofs of their houses are not properly built and anyone can easily fall from them. I also heard that some wires used for making doors are extremely dangerous.

                I have nothing against the festival itself, but the way it is celebrated by some people is certainly very dangerous.
                Bless you.


                  So basically Mr. Xtreme, you mean to say that since lives of Pakistanis are alreay cheap, we should make them even cheaper? Like since so many of us die while driving, lets die due to kites as well, right?

                  Every time the government lifts the ban on kite flying for a mere week and 3 to 5 poeple die on average. Now only if the ban stays, these deaths could be avoided.

                  Now the thing is, we the Pakistanis are a reckless nation. Government keeps on announcing to totally avoid metal Dour while kite flying but no one gives a damn. And just in their quest for fun and entertainment they end up killing unsuspecting kids.

                  This is not a religious issue. If we were civilized nation and understood our responsibilities, these things wont happen and kite flying would be safer. But the way things are right now ... a big NO to basant.

                  Life is very precious and even if we can save even one by being careful then its worth it; even if it means permanant ban on kite flying.


                    I don't deny that there are safety concerns surrounding Basant, but what perplexes me is that the people who complain more loudly never address other issues that I mentioned. The medical profession where pills are distributed like candies for example with no regulation and by unqualified people.

                    If safety is a the concern then why harp on about Basant every year and not address these issues some time?


                      Deaths caused by Basanat are always unfortuante. And they are not new, they are happenning since decades. So why in the world Govt chose to celebrate it as a national festvial?? Let me give you a reason.

                      Because as its a national fest since 3-4 years, Govt can make sure that its machinery and laws are implemented against stupid uneducated ppl who insist on flying kites with metal wires. (wchih is the main reason for all the kilings and loss of electricity). And since then, strict check is being implemented on metal wires which was not possible when it was not a 'national' festival. And since then, death toll is on a decline on basant. Let me say again, no one is happy at these unnecesery deaths. But ppl will still celebrate basant even if its not a national occassion. So why not use your machinery to work in minimiznig the damage and stupidities committed every now and then.

                      Like SKN said, that festival itself is not to be blamed, rather the people who get over-board and commit dangerous acts. Main focus should be on educating people about the loss they un-intentionally are responsible for
                      The will of Allah will not take you where the Grace of Allah will not protect you.


                        This has actually been covered in today's Times:


                        Kite-flying festival of fun in Lahore leaves 12 dead
                        From Zahid Hussain in Islamabad

                        AT LEAST 12 people have been killed and a hundred more injured during Lahore’s annual kite flying festival.
                        Three people were electrocuted when the metal wires they were using to fly their kites fell onto power lines and one young girl’s throat was slit by a metal kite string stretched across the road. Others fell to their death from rooftops or were hit by cars while trying to catch stray kites or merely gazing upwards to look at them.

                        Thousands of multi-coloured kites filled the skies as the city ground to a halt for the kite-flying on Basant, a festival that marks the start of spring. The streets and parks of Lahore, which is recognised as the kite-flying capital of Pakistan, were filled with cries and cheers of “Bo Kata” — or “kite down”.

                        Kite-flying reaches its climax during the Basant festival but is a popular pastime in the city all year round. However, each year the festival brings tragedy to many families as the kite flyers break the law to use string coated in powdered glass or metal wires designed to cut loose an opponent’s kite.

                        Relatives of people killed or injured in kite-flying accidents held a demonstration in Lahore last year urging the Government to ban the sale and use of kites.

                        Officials at a Lahore hospital said that 42 children and 60 adults had been treated for kite-related injuries.

                        The city was also frequently plunged into darkness when kite wires strayed across electricity lines and fused transformers. Several people were also injured by stray bullets.

                        Although firing guns is officially banned, people celebrate the spring festival by firing into the air, often causing casualties. Encouraged by the Government and despite opposition from hardline Islamists who have declared the celebration to be in breach of Islamic law.thousands of people travel to Lahore from across the country in order to join the annual festivities Pakistan’s glitterati — film stars, politicians, models, business tycoons and designers — attend the many high-society Basant balls and parties.

                        This year many Indian film stars and pop singers also participated in the festival after the normalisation of relations between the two nations.

                        It is also a big business, attracting sponsors and visitors to Pakistan at a time when many have been staying away because of security fears.

                        Any rooftop worth standing on is hired for corporate entertainment. Multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and McDonalds use the occasion to publicise and market their products. Buy a Pepsi or a Coke and you get a free kite to fly with their logo.


                          So you see, everyone wants a part of it, from the movie stars to big business mutinationals right down to the public which vote with their kites. All you can do is try and regulate it like saby said, you can't stop people from doing what they want in their own country.


                            Hey Anwaar, i see you removed that icon which looked suspiciously like George Michael. Is that after I pointed out "that its background may 'possibbly' be attached to a "gustaakh-e-Rasool," ? (in your own words)

                            Does that mean I get sawaab for guiding you on a better path?


                              I am not looking at any other angle except just safety issues.

                              as far as people falling off teh roofs and dying..where is the personal responsibility factor?

                              cases where passerby's who are not taking part in the event get injured is of concern, if that starts causing problems then solutions could be to have ppl fly outside of congested areas..


                              people who want to take part in the event without taking care of their own safety, and then get injured or killed due to falls, then its not the event/activity itself but the person who is to blame.
                              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.