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Question about working in the US on F1 visa

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    Question about working in the US on F1 visa

    I have a very simple question.

    Suppose a person is on an f1 visa and someone asks him to do their website and offers to pay a small ammount. Would that be illegal for the said student on f1 visa ?

    No. Usually if it's a small favor kinda thing, people pay in cash.

    If you want to go the legal route, you can apply for CPT, where your advisor signs off on the contract and you can work only in your field of major.
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      Working on an F1 without authorization is illegal... But then again, if they pay you in cash, who would know?


        If its really informal, a really small amount (less than hundred bucks or so) and a one time thing, then I think it should be okay.

        Otherwise if its more than that, and specially if its something you start doing regularly, or if its being done professionally and not because of personal contact, then although it can be done under the table, I will strongly encourage you go the proper route.

        It doesn't have to be CPT. In fact it will be like any other on campus employment. Its really simple. There's a couple forms you need to fill, ask your international student office about it, its the same forms you fill for any other on-campus employment.

        I did something like that when I was in college. I did a medical experiment for a 100 bucks and I did the whole procedure of filling the forms etc. I also once did a programming project for about 500 bucks and then too I filled out those forms. They do that basically so it becomes part of your earning record and you get a W-2 for it.

        It might be a very small and rare project, but if its not then I strongly urge you not to take unnecessary risks, specially with the conditions these days. Better safe than sorry


          If you do a project for money on an F1 its technically illegal. But like everyone else said use your judgement. What the INS cant find out cant hurt you in this case. if any of the payments will be made in a non personal check (such as one would get when employed) then most likely that money will get reported to the IRS.