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    for old times sake

    so, I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday and was supposed to visit my relative who is hospitalised.The barbed wire that I have installed on my beautiful teeth was putting a dent in my beauty...hence, I wanted my doc to fix it up. Plus, I had to prepare a report of a conference that I attended a month back. Musing over the stuff, procrastinating as usual... I heard some commotion in my bag. I picked up my cell and it was TN, an old friend from the university.

    Now we have not met in 2 -3 years. SM another friend from the university, die-hard communist referring Stalingrad as their Kaba (nauzubillah) was also in town frm Quetta. I hadnt met him in 6 years. All of us after our undergrad became so busy with our lives... We all knew abt each others whereabouts, yet we could never meetup.Now, I was somehow the most conservative member of that smart group(in terms of studies) in my dept. I never drank and I never smoked and and.. oh well

    So, I was told to get ready... As usual I hasitated, tried to find excuses but finally gave inafter she gave me an earful. I must say it was fun. Having absolutely no social life at all due to the nature of my job, I relished the evening.... BUT

    how would you feel if you find your friends openly discussing abt drinks .. this one is good and that one is better... I learned the names in just one evening. I was so surprised to hear that my girl friend knew so much abt wines and bears and obviously has been drinking too of and on. Yaar, you havent even tried the one from the Muree brewery, Taquilla(sp)??.. all those years you didnt even touch the ciggie... ok, lets try sheesha. I just smiled at their questions. Both of them had started drinking after they left the university. The guy was still not so loud abt it...

    The thing is that I dont really care abt what others do but I just felt something went wrong somewhere. Now, I travel a bit too, quite often but for me there is a limit to everything. I cant stay out after 12. I start feeling uneasy.. that evening I somehow felt out of the league

    and after that evening I thought... I shld be more careful in her company. I don't know why.

    tequilla brewed in murree? :-O my ass.. unless they have been substituting sarson for agave..
    Simple ain't easy.


      Queer, tumhain bhi kuch bolna hota hai. I shld have put in And or OR, that is tried this or that one.


        I can sorta relate. But then, they werent close friends, just acquiantances, who used to brag about drinking n girls and drugs etc. I think its got a lot to do with age and psychological complexes as well, where they might just do it cos its 'cool'. But thats normally in the late teens and early twenties. I have other friends who drink n do all other stuff, but i have a different sort of relationship with them, frank enough i guess, where when they discuss different wines or beers or watevers, I can bag them and tell them they are going to hell and the angels are gonna be shoving red hot iron rods up their bums etc. etc. and then they come up with something to make me a deserving candidate for the iron rods as well.

        I,ve also heard so much about the private parties where alcohol and drugs and sex and god knows what else happens freely in islamabad and lahore n karachi. Never had the pleasure to witness or be a part of any though. Before, when I was in Pakistan, I looked at it all differently, thinking its so bad and just wannabe gorays trying to imitate the western society, but now I,m over it all. I mean whats the big deal with drinking or watever. In a way my mind has been liberated and I think of it all in a much different and secular way. If someones doing something, let him. Its their life. You have your life, and its between u n God and them and God. I dont really know if its a good thing or a bad thing, but I am a lot more understanding and accepting of things. I wasnt really religious before, neither am I now, but I,m a lot more secular in my thoughts. But like u said, I could feel out of place at times. As long as you know your limits, its all good. And yes, company matters. I have some kanjar friends,, but then I also have some really nice decent guys as friends too. Nobody's perfect, but choose friends carefully, and keep a balance. If all ur friends are into sex n drugs n acohol and wat not, and you spend a lot of ur time with them, it could hurt you, spiritually, morally etc. After a while u,ll stop feeling weird, then get used to it, and start thinking that its all okay,,, and then u might slip too (considering ur conservativish, meaning, u think all that is bad). Dont cut urself off everything, but keep a balance, and make friends for their good qualities. Some nagative baggage might come with it, but i,m sure every1s smart enough to know the rights and wrongs.


          Sharaab agar ma'qool mikdaar main pee ja-ay to sehat kay liyay achee hotee hay ... lol

          Nasha sharaab main hota to jhoomtee bottle.

          This is free world so I would say everyone is free to do what he/she wants, let ur friends do what they want to do. If you dont (want to) drink then you dont have to pay attention to their drinking, tell them that u dont like them drinking (may for religious reasons) but decision is theirs.

          If you think in last six years your friends are not the ones they used to be then you dont have to be friends with them. Pull yourself out of the league before you are part of them. You know what I mean.


            A phase [spelling] thinking they are being cool, knowing how to make drinks.


              umm, Najim, what is maaqool for you might be very namaqool in my eyes. Thats relative. But thats not the point

              I think Kaka has sort of understood my basic premise. I never wanted to make anyone's habits the focal point of my thread. I am way too old and beyond that to caution, to reprimand or give out sermons to others...I don't know whether its a good thing or bad. But thats the way it is :--D

              What kind of boggles me is the fact that I felt a bit uneasy in the company of my friend; the fact taht I thought that this isn't the right way to go about things...whether I should have told her to be careful???

              Anyways, kaka.... no they are not K's :--D they are very decent ppl...I won't even go so far to pass judgements...


                I hear ya Minerva

                p.s. nice to see you around.


                  thanks darling :--) ya am around for sometime...send me your e-mail addy.I have also lost your #. Might not be able to access GS after sometime, so day daina...

                  Well, coming back to the topic. Its not as I said the regarding the consumption of alcohol... ( now I have to go in my grave and I might use my leverage with my sibling or my husband and not on others... am I being a mod-Muslim.. oh well!). The irony is that we might don a devil-may-care attitude, act ah so cool but the truth is we do care about our reputation...The fear, the hasitation, the uneasy feeling might spring up coz we do fear the additional baggage that comes... if found in any such situation.May be in Pakistan you tend to be more careful... I don't know but I have seen desis even abroad quickly forming opinions without even knowing anything abt the person in question.

                  I think I took it seriously coz it invloved my friend...