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catwoman's mini-mee(t)

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    catwoman's mini-mee(t)

    short story long (), i was sleeping on my offday after my regular pool workout till 5am, kaun's number rang subah subah (11:45am).. half dozing half awake, i picked up .. "son of a.." escaped my mouth and i declined the call .. was gonna start snoring again when knock knock happend on my door and he entered.. (son of a... i know) so i KNEW subah subah ISKI soorat dekhi hay.. heehehehe, SOMETHING is bound to gonna happen..

    told him will be a busy day in travelling back'n forth (1 car, so beemaar) so on a VERY short notice we decided to watch a movie.. (had a LOT of katchup to do) so we were in a movie, when agent scully's # started to buzz my cell.. so i picked up cuz since i left the house, i didnt had time to checkup on gshup regarding katty and meeting her..

    *scratching head* took me a while to figure out WHAT place she's talkin'bout.. turned out it was CRAZY SUSHI.. located in a plaza where ALLAH JAANAY howwwwww many crazy trips were made in 3 years of my college.. rogers, bank, secondcup, mcdonalds, KHUDA Jaanay how many things we use to go over whenever we use to pass thru it..

    okay so i asked what time? 7pm? (looked in clock, 5:42pm) okay no problemo .. (knowing its a bad weather, hightraffic volumes on expressways AND a big drive).. khair, movie ended at 6:10 something .. :15 we were in car, i dropped KAUN to yorkmills station and then went local all the way upto leslie+yorkmills where this place was.. so anyway traffic stories aside (hears girls yawning in the background), i reached there on time, found a kicka$$ parking spot for my harley (davidson) <> and went in .. surprizingly DESIMUNDA was there.. (i didnt knew he was able to come at short notice)..

    so anyway, long time no see for him too, he had already ordered a pop so i thought hmmm, iss say bara PAAPI to main hoon, why me getting behind, i ordered a paap too (goes hand in hand with my paaps) and we started to talk.. some good old FAIZY style talks .. where i speak, he nods, then he nods and i speak .. (and we get along like that) hehe

    a lil later i spotted some shadows approaching the door (its a sandblasted glass wall).. two average heights female lookin' ones and one averagish-tall height .. so i thought okay could be someone else.. (as i thought it would be only catwoman and agent-scully showing)..

    so i was wrong, agentscully approached inside first, i waved at her, catwoman was next and a friendly-looking gentleman behind them.. (yeah whass the deal wid gents following ladies? thats not middle-east) so anyway, i think i MUMBLED something under my breath to desimunda (which i SO wanted him to ignore) but i think he caught it and smiled..

    we exchanged greetings, had round of handshakes, and sat down, settled down.. and had a lil "kambakhat weather" talk (errrrr.. or maybe i am remembering it all wrong).. it was something relating with who could or couldnt show up and why .. (and OH YEAH, i gossip more with girls than they do it by themselves.. BOOHOO!)

    so anyway, after this 'kickoff' somehow i brought up the points that i mailed catwoman like 4-5 phone numbers of guppans, and then i brought up a point that .. errrrrr, u know what, i DONT think the guppans even know i had their #.. and katty just LAUGHED HER BUTT OFF!

    so i had to tell her the story that once i was trying to setup a mini-quick-meet for aladdin, i txt messaged everyone and CareBear didnt knew who it was and she responded by asking WHO are u? LOL!

    anyway, we settled on our dishes.. and i wont bore u folks cuz i DO remember what each one had.. but WALLAH aalam, it wasnt moving.. (LOL! ewww at the joke that bhai-saab cracked!) anyway.. food was PRETTY darn good .. i had popcorns, coke and allah jaanay WHAT else from the movie (icecream too i think) so i couldnt finish ENTIRELY ..

    andddd andddd, katty is so CUTE! .. she kept sharing her food with others (not that she didnt liked it.. just she's TOO CARING!) *thumbsup* and then she wouldnt take anything from anyone's plate UNLESS they trade.. (i dunno which asian culture it was from, so i ended up stamping it as japanese tradition) (which i am sure didddddddddnt worked out cuz she asked this RIGHT away ARE U SURE ITS JAPANESE?) and i had to twist the talk around with something else..


    we had talk from russian currency's effect to suwahili language poetry and ......... (hey u get the point. it was PRETTY funfilled time) .. and bhai-saab constantly kept us a cracking company and good time.. after the meal we were kinda talking'bout something and i think someone (read:katty) mentioned about icecream.. scully jumped by saying OH THERE IS this place next door..

    suited-booted, ready to roll we came out to run next door, aaaaaaaah, it was closed.. tsk tsk :-(

    heartbroken, frozen from wind and temperature we slowly walked to our good'ol mcdonalds to get some icecream from there.. (how sad) tsk tsk tsk tsk ..

    oh and harley davidson thing.. i wear weight-training gloves at work, while driving, and just normally whenever i am outta house .. (leather grip iss liyay) so scully saw it and was wondering what it was so i looked at desimunda and said, yeah i drove here on a BIKE!!!!!

    katty asked which one .. and errrrrrrr, horsie whispered in my ears "ducati bayyy.. DUCATI boll.. " now horsie WHENEVER says something, faizy KNOWS something complex (or dangerous) happens.. so faizy said "harley..... david..son"

    in the background i felt a painful cry of a 1996 green chevy cavaliar .. (i swear i MUST have heard a voice saying.. "SON OF A!!!!") khair, we said goodbyes and stuff..

    desi said he will take the bus so i said no no i will drop u home.. BUT! we ended up calling Shehzada and his bro for a round of sheesha at OASIS! (scarborough).

    turned out we finished a DOUBLE round of apple sheesha by ourselves and shehzada and bro entered.. GREAT company AGAIN! i got along REALLY well with his bro.. first time meeting him, never felt for a moment i duno the dude for ages! .. and oh gawd! LOLLLLLLLL! the jokes were JUST priceless :-)))))))))) great company, great folks!

    we ended up doing another round of fruitcocktail sheesha, in the middle of which we ordered some fries and munched on them ... i think from 1:30pm from that afternoon, i had a LOOOOOOOOOOOT of food.... a *LOT* even when *I* say.. (suroor, pagaldeewani, kaun, smoothy, cheegum etc KNOW about the eating habits) heehhehee..

    anyway, had a reaaaaaaally funfilled time today.. REALLY needed this break.. from all the hecticness of life and worries.. said goodbye near 12:40pm, took directions from desi and came back to brampton.. now feeling a lil tired, and promised sandleen that i will finish writing this article ASAP! so finishing up now.. and will sleep pretty soon..

    comments, questions, feedback and stories MOST welcome.. i tried putting as much detail as possible but if i missed something... ask here okiez.. :-)

    love ya mates!!!!!.. *jhappi*
    thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:

    wow maza ayaa ...

    But no pics ?.... ....
    "Hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold urs "


      who is bhai-sab?!

      tobah loat k budhu OASIS ko ayay.. tum logo nay to dera jama liya hai udher. sorry missed the meet :-( but make sure catty u come back to toronto soon. InshAllah we'll do something.
      - I swear to drunk I am not God :-/


        Originally posted by Sandleen:
        But no pics ?.... ....
        scully caught me in the middle of movie :khali jaib dikhaying: couldnt POSSIBLY bring a camera that time..

        yaar suroola <> its just.. WWWWWWWHEEEEEEEEE!!!!

        bhai-saab is just the dude that came with scully and katty :-) dunno if taking name would be appropriate.. so..

        thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


          okay ...maaf kara ...
          "Hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold urs "


            Perh ker itna maza aaya hay tau wahan kitna aaya hoga ...

            Khush Raho

            میں نے تجھے اس عمر میں چاہا تھا اے ارض وطن
            جب شعور آج کی صورت میرا بیدار نہ تھا


              wah! lagay rao


                mazaa a gaya ho gaa


                  wah wah. mujhe lagta hai ke meet main kaafi kick ho gi :biggthumb

                  what with all the drama kings (and queens) and what not

                  chaa nahin gae aap loug?
                  Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.


                    haha...come on man...i did more than just nod my head

                    it was nice meetin u again catty got to spend a lil more time with u sushi was good actually chop sticks were fun 2 hehe

                    and remember those things i told u bout the sheesha try it next time


                      yeahaaa *imagines katty getting high* and then jumping on top of the table... and then singing ..
                      zara sa jhoom loon main.. aray naa ray naa ray naaaa

                      thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


                        ^^ ....
                        "Hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold urs "


                          woah hey faizy thanks for doing the briefing!It was really nice meeting you guys again and I want to thank you both for having made the effort! That gentleman was Scullys older bhai yaar. lol I thought I made it clear. lol well both my cousins are big fans of sushi so we had to go atleast one night. Im glad you guys enjoyed it too! and im so sorry for disturbing ur movie faizy! btw in how many minutes did u get home?

                          If I recall when I saw you guys I asked if youd ordered the sake yet and both of you gave me this blank stare and Im thinking geez I hope they dont think im serious!!

                          Anyway, yes youre right about DM smiling and nodding but this time i made sure i asked lots of questions which had more than one word answers. Faizy made us laugh about his overspeeding stories and Im glag my cousin had some things to share with them as well. So I let the Canadians do the talking for a bit!

                          Oh and afterwards Dm told me his hand was hurting from using the chopsticks hes such a good sport

                          Guess what guys, we went home and set up the hukka as well and got a bit high in the basement and I started telling them things which were meant to be top secret and theyrelike, hey give her some more!

                          Anyway thanks guys for a fun time, hope we can do it again with the other guppies soon. Maybe not Japanese this time!

                          Im in Ottawa, this place is so cold
                          A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                            and now?

                            :-) yaar katty, i got home in .. ummmm.. well went to oasis first, but if speeding is concerned, i reached home in about 40 minutes.. WHICH is normal (normal bolay to? NORMALLLLL)

                            neah i swear i didnt touched even 110.. stayed in right lanes AAAAAAAALL the time until i had to make a move and ONLY then i switched from <100 to a lil higher..

                            (i still have to see you getting high and DOING things before i die)
                            thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


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                              ~*~Member of the Pink Panther Clan~*~