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Keepin It Real

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    Keepin It Real

    Rappers say it.

    Pimps say it.

    Moms say it.

    Heck even Madhanee and myvoice say it.

    I was in the car listening to the radio and an ad for McDonalds came on and told me that they too are 'keepin it real'.

    The phrase 'keepin it real', meaning staying true to oneself, is worn-out, overused, and must be put to rest. While at work someone was dressed exceptionally well except they had sneakers on so I question them about it, they told me they were 'keepin it real.' Clearly this person has beaten the system by not allowing his job to take away his identity, never mind that it's been reduced to a pair of sneakers. When McDonalds tells me their 'keeping it real' what does that mean? That they’re not going to go soft and start selling tacos? Stop the madness, and those 'keepin it real' shouldn't be as your life is below (or is it above?) par and you'd be doing everyone a favor by just faking something else.

    yo utd.. thanks for keepin it real mate... 'Nuff respec'
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I'd like to start a committee that investigates those here at the Gup who claim to be 'keepin it real' yet really aren’t. I need a McCarthy type to head this up, myvoice might be the perfect fit. When we're through we'll make people wish they were witches in Salem during the sixteen hundreds.


        ^^ I thought that is what you were doing any way. Is that not your responsibility?
        Weather forecast for tonight: dark.