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    What I should do if.................

    my Internet connection suddenly went down?

    No one knows when the Internet will fail. It could happen at any time, leaving you bereft of your e-mail, your sports scores, and your GS. Therefore, it's important that you and your family have a contingency plan for just such an emergency.... If your connection to Cyberspace were to ever get severed, you should at least be prepared. We have included a few key points that should assist you if that were to happen....

    1. Panic!
    An excited, agitated state will give you that heightened sense of awareness and will increase your thought processes allowing you to come up with rational solutions... Panic is just nature's way of putting your body into over-drive...... It's a defense mechanism that gives you an edge when dealing with potentially harmful situations, such as a severed arm or the loss of your Internet.

    2. Find A Telephone

    Do you have access to a telephone line? Early computers connected to the Internet using a dial-up device along with a hardware device known as a "modem." Since this technology is obsolete, it will be of no use to you..... Instead, use your telephone to call your friends to see if their connection is also down, as you will have lost the ability to send an email or an instant message. You can also use a telephone to call 999, an emergency service that will first tell you to calm down, and then will send out specially-trained technicians to find the source of the Internet's failure.....

    3. Use Your Back-Up Computer
    It's always good to have an emergency laptop handy, in case you need to harry over to a buddy's place where the Net is still up.... If there is still no Internet at that location, at the very least you could connect to a small network or LAN (Less-than Adequate Network).... Laptops can also be placed on tables at coffeeshops, while you sit around with a latte, nervously waiting for your connection to be restored.....

    4. Install A Game
    In emergency situations, installing a single-player computer game can occupy your down-time....... While it won't replace the adrenaline rush of intense networked multiplayer action provided by the Internet, a quick game of Sim City or Flight Simulator may distract you long enough for your connection to return......

    5. Perform Routine Maintenance

    While programs such as Norton Antivirus have removed most of the tedium of computer system maintenance, nothing could help pass the time faster than cleaning out your hard drive, emptying your cache, or organizing your celebrity fake p*** collection ..... Take the time to stare at your screen while you perform a defragmentation. The time will literally fly while you barely notice your separation from the Internet.

    6. Turn On A Television Or Radio

    Televisions, strange boxes that sit in your parents' living rooms, were once used to provide entertainment, long before DVDs and Playstations were invented.... Televisions have the capability of broadcasting streaming information similar to the content on multimedia websites. ..With a "remote control," a wireless device that is like a small one-handed keyboard, you may be able to surf a limited number of "channels," while you deal with the loss of your connection.... Unfortunately, television is only a one-way media....

    In ancient times, radios were also used to entertain. A radio allowed you to listen to news, sports, and music, much the same way that you listen to live streaming audio on a Shoutcast server. Like the television, a radio will only have a limited selection of listening stations, and no video. Hopefully your separation from the Internet will be brief.

    7. Read
    People in pre-Internet times used to read "books" and "magazines", written materials once created in printable format to pass the time. Some e-books are still available on paper, and may offer a short-term solution until your power is back and your broadband is restored.... If reading is not an option, as a last resort, you may wish to try doing "chores," or try your hand at cooking. While these activities cannot replace the Internet, they may be able to make the down-time a little more tolerable....

    8. Go Outside

    The idea of leaving your workstation may seem a little extreme, but you can perform errands that you normally get parents or spouses to do: grocery shopping, drycleaning, etc. Leaving your dorm room, basement, or above-garage apartment suite, may be risky, but again, the time may afford an effective distraction from your Internet woes.

    9. Spend Time With Your Spouse :halo:

    Communicating with your wife or girlfriend may seem like a radical suggestion, but the time investment may offer long-term rewards. Spending any amount of time talking about your "relationship" may free up more Internet time for you later on, when your ADSL or Cable link to the World Wide Web has been restored..... WARNING: These will probably be the longest hours of your life.

    10. Use Your Emergency AOL Disk
    If you find that your connection to the Internet is going to be longer than you can possibly stand, as a last resort, pull out an emergency AOL CD, the one with 500 free hours of connection to the AOL service. Take the CD in one hand...and slash it across your wrist! Suicide will probably be a better alternative than connecting to that service....

    Hopefully some of these Internet alternatives will be able to assist you during an offline crisis. Emergency radio broadcasts will likely advise you of the state of the Internet and be able to predict when your bandwidth will be restored, but remember to have an emergency plan in case your digital detachment is longer than you expect

    PS: Yeah I am damn bored today...
    A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

    Hey what to do?... Allah Mia hum bhi baray mehrbaan hai ke humko kabhie beh yeh din aaj thak deekhna para...varna hum tho marjay the yaar...

    Any hows i have a mobile phone (you now the big brick like things that connect you together) Do you think that could be used in an emergency situation janab ? retty:
    -xXx- Mohabbat karo aapnon mein, Gairon mein kya rakha hai
    Katal karo haath se, Talwar mein kya rakha hai
    Pyar karo Sadia se, Nadia mein kya rakha hai -xXx-


      Originally posted by scarlet lady:

      Any hows i have a mobile phone (you now the big brick like things that connect you together) Do you think that could be used in an emergency situation janab ? retty: [/color]
      Aargh... those brick like things!!!... I still got some memories some where back in my mind; (reminds me of my old golden days . ) that can also be used; but make sure not to USe T-Mobile; if you are living somehwere out of the town. Better use light fire beacons.
      A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?


        i guess its just me then who does the following as far as technicality is concerned:

        (in proper order)

        #5, routine maintenance.
        #3, backup computer.
        #4, installing a game.

        usually after #5, i dont go for the #3 as its my 'bed computer' (meaning when i am too tired to SIT online, i RELAX online)
        thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed: