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Killing of a small child by a bear at the Lahore ZooK

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    Killing of a small child by a bear at the Lahore ZooK

    I as a parent can feel the loss of an angel.

    Our heartfelt condolence to the family of the 18 months old child who was killed by a bear at the Lahore Zoo. May the childs soul rest in peace.

    May God bless the soul of the young child.
    when and how did it happened Sajjad


      mr. Pakistani,

      It looks that either you are ignorant of the fact or illeterate. The world news papers have carried the article. Even the dawn news paper has come out with the article.


        Sajjam that comment to mr. pakistan was rude and uncalled for....all the world newpapers have NOT carried the story.

        The life of one child in pakistan is perhaps not as newsworthy to local papers as the loss of children in your own city...

        anyways...putting him down is inappropriate and I'd appreciate it if you refrained from such attitude.


          Sajjad, if I said to you
          "you're ugly and a smelly old hedge hog."

          How would you feel?

          I'm sure not much differently than what Mr Pakistani must've felt after reading your answer.

          I got two words for you,

          GROW UP


            good job kg


              It was a tragic death for the child, but the thing which bothers me is that Dawn states that the crowd in the zoo tried to kill the bear in Anger. That shows just lack of literacy in people. Why would you want to kill a "bayzubaan" animal who is not gifted with a brain by God? It did that act as that it was its killer instinct. Maybe it felt threatened by the child or maybe it wasnt fed. But trying to take another life of an Animal is stupid. That is also a creation of God.



                The parents will have to live with the responsibilty for this tragedy all their lives because they overstepped the barriers to get closer to the cage.

                You are right about people being ignorant about animals in Pakistan, but at least the zoo owners refused to put the bear down. They said it wasn't the animal's fault that the zoo rules were ignored. I hope the parents get over this terrible incident and rebuild their lives.


                  Mr. Sajjad

                  Stop thinking like illiterate people do. Grow up. I was so busy with other stuff, that i didn't get a chance to read the newspaper, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(member remember such comments are inappropriate and just because he started it does not mean you can say the same thing wouldn't be fair of me as a moderator right? )

                  God bless the soul of the young child and help the parents overcome with the grief.

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                    OK so i feel really sorry for the child who got ripped intotwo pieces by the Bear. First of all i wonder what the father of the child was trying to do holding his child so near to the animals cage that the bear could reach out. I mean this was something i dont understand.
                    One more thing is that every one is upset about the childs death. it was really some thing tragic, but has any one ever thought that many Bears are killed by humans all over the world every day. Doesnt any one feel sorry for them? afterall these animals have parents too and they also feel the grief just like we do.But nothing much is being done about that.


                      I have heard that this child was born after eight years of marriage. A pir asked the family to rub the child to bear to protect from evil. That's what he was doing after crossing safety hedge!!! That's called stupidity and ignorance.


                        I also feel sorry, indeed griefful, to know about this tragic accident. I feel sorry for the bear, as if he was not taken away from his natural habitate, and made a spectacle, for the rest of his life, he would not have acted so ferociously and savagly.

                        Parents loss is irreplaceable. Even if Allah grants them another son or daughter, it will never replace the one slit in half.

                        But the responsibility lies on the zoo. Had they planned/designed the cages in such a manner, this incidence could have been avoided.