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Why pakis smell like curry...

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    Why pakis smell like curry...

    The following is a paid presentation by Curry Products Limited.

    Know that guy across from your apartment in a building that stinks of stale air and ciggerattes and the elevators don't work? Ever wondered why he has that alluring charm? Why all the girls go after him? It's all thanks to the magic of Curry O' Dorant!

    Using our patented Curry-'dorŪ technology, we offer a whole RANGE of products to make you and your home smell like CURRY! From Curry Air Freshener to Curry Shoe Pad!

    Call 1-888-GETCURRY to order your free catalogue today!
    Last edited by God : April 21st, 1987 at 09:23 PM.

    :-| whatz going on with you honz?
    Depending on the perspective, everything is beautiful!!


      RT u have lost ur mind

      ... bilawaga u are wasting our money!!
      becoz u can get the same smell by getting a wife
      or a bachelor that cant cook

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      Very Changa!


        mark my words.. RT's choice of THIS specific thread is NOT bilaawajay
        thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


          ....eeeeeaaaaawwwww........i hate people who smell of curry or food which they've been cooking at home.....they dont have the decensy to wash up before going out....
          uss ke aur mere beech ka sufur...