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Want to lighten your skin complexion?

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    Want to lighten your skin complexion?

    The following is paid for by by the LUS Corporation:

    Want to lighten up your SKIN? Here's the perfect solution for all you folks out there that are tired of the same old dark skin!

    LIGHT-BULBS UNDER YOUR SKIN! The latest in fashionable self-mutilation! Take the word of just one of our many, many satisfied customers: Micheal Jackson, "I love these guys, they're great. I went to their little shack in the woods, peed my pants, and found a little boy!"

    Using advanced nanotechnology from GERMANY--tthe fairest nation on EARTH!--we'll inject luminous nanobots into your blood stream. They'll find their way ot the endodermic layer and embed themselves into your flesh!

    If you hate your own skin, we'll take it off and put on polar bear fur, FREE OF CHARGE!

    Call now at 1-800-SKIN-OFF!

    Warning: Injection of nanobots may result in loss of hair, form, blindness, death and extreme prunement.
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    lolz.. how much does it cost?
    - I swear to drunk I am not God :-/



      GORA hater you RT!

      Try implanting all the halogen lights u want, no one can be as fair as moi..


        Sur baji, my standard fee, two pies and a shake.

        Cb, I ain't no gora hater. Don't make me tap my monitor on my sig.
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          Lol Rt you're on a roll.

          cb you still havent sent me your pic.
          "Today in heaven they opened up a new chest dedicated to charity. It's name ?"