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    Serious Game

    2 men A and B share their bread with a person C who doesn't have anything but is hungry. A has 5 breads, and B has 3. A, B and C eat them all. C give for this food 8 dollars let's say. How much A and B have to recieve of these 8 dollars ?

    For information this story has really happend, the two men couldn't solve their little problem and they went to see Ali (radhi Allaou Anhou) who give the answer right away

    A= 5 dollars
    B= 3 Dollars

    A= 5 breads * 3 pieces = 15 piececs
    B=3 breads *3 pieces = 9

    Total 24 pieces
    all ate 8 pieces.
    I hate Mathematics..
    Kuch yeh ke muddaton se, Hum bhi nahi thay roey
    Kuch zeher mein bujha tha, ahbaab ka dilaasa :crying: