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To be subtle or not

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    To be subtle or not

    Ok I have been pondering this for a while now... and wonder what you guys think...
    If you like some one what should your apprach be? Subtle and try and become friends and then move on? I know a few friends who have landed in hot water cause of this? or not so subtle... and state your business out right? and then see if you can be friends? this has worked for some and not worked for other?
    My personal opinion is that each apporach can be applied to different sets of people... but so far I am having a hard time defining these sets of people....

    Ps: This is reffering to a long term thing and not a one night stand

    Xtreme : The statement was made to humour but as it might be taken in bad taste... I have edited it out... Of course the last few days posts here do tend to suggest that there is no shortage of such people ....

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    you seem to be pretty convinced that there are perverts hanging around the forum...


      If you have feelings for someone you cant be friends with them NO you cant even if you be friends first then go on...


      Till next time***K_I_S_S***