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    Seems like as we are progressing forward the world is getting smaller and smaller

    long have gone when ppl used to say "just a quite nice lttle place away from the hussle bussle"

    From your diary being read to passwords being stolen
    From nosy neighbours to those annoying so called relatives

    i wonder if the word Privacy will have any meaing left in the next millenium

    How would one go bout defining privacy____?

    In next century, I believe that the word PRIVACY will lose its value.



      privacy...something one wishes for
      22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


        This is a private message please don't read it.
        Private Message
        Hey i said i am leaving a private message for someone and you are not supposed to read it. Hey hey, do u realize that you are invading my privacy, how ironic, we are here to discuss privacy
        protection and you are already disrespecting my privacy. and you Nadia, you were wondering about privacy in the next millenium and you are already invading mine, come on ppl what's wrong with you. Why can't u let me write a private message with the confidence that others wont' read it. If i don't hide my things it doesn't mean that i leave them on public display. Come on, there has to be one reasonable person who hasn't read this far, no i guess not, you guys are all animals. How do u expect others to respect your privacy when you dont' do the same,, shame on you, quit reading this message right now, hey you moron don't u understand we are discussing privacy here.
        No , i guess your pathetic souls can't comprehend the simple meaning of privacy, but guess what, you ain't getting privacy in your lives either, cuz you guys don't deserve it.


          Privacy gets important when hunger is out of question.
          There are still a lot of people hungry. And they are not bothering about their privacy...
          I hope they all will start thinking about their privacy next century. (got it ??)Especially my people back home.



            Wow, nadia21++ baaji
            what an excellent idia, no privacy evrything in open air no door no window no parda no hijaab

            BUT, At least I wish and I pray, privacy still has to be there till my shaadi na.

            A friend


            [This message has been edited by ATA (edited November 08, 1999).]
            aur -- Tum ...
            Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay


              Best way to preserve privacy is not have any privacy. Else there is always gonna be one dirty scumbag or the other trying to get shtuff out...

              And Zaalim, good one.


                There is no such thing as privacy such thing...if there is one it only exists in your mind and that all...


                Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                  You loose privacy when you disclose it
                  so basically You yourself are responsible for others invading your privacy.


                    Well you can call me a Pujari of Privacy
                    I am a very private person and hate it when ppl dont respect it ......

                    like i hated it when my brother couldnt keep his nose out of my drawers and cupboard or infact my room

                    nice point however
                    if i open the blinds of my window cause its hot or i want some sun in the room does this give others the right to peak in ?????
                    Isnt that called Breaching someone's right to privacy ?


                      good subject....

                      can anyone explain why we feel privacy is such a big thing for humans?


                        hmm simply wouldnt want taking a shower in the middle of the shopping center ?




                          erm...P-R-I-V-A-C-Y???oh kee cheez eh?!?!
                          hahahaha! nadia i agree!!! but there aint none n u gotta live with that... bye sista.....sshhh!



                            Privacy in UK English, is


                              Hayo Rabba Hayo Rabba
                              Hayo Rabba Hayo Rabba

                              Gadhee tay na charh di tay
                              Gadhay tay na charh di

                              Na na na nana Naha rahay naha rahay
                              (nana taking bath ?)

                              Shehzaadi Lahoran di