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    where you want to be

    okay here I go
    CUT and Paste
    but worth reading


    >>Please take a few moments to read this message in its entirety before
    >> >>>
    >>The Year 2000 - the millennium - is approaching fast now, and crazy people
    >>are predicting all sorts of weird things. But even if the world doesn't
    >>to an end, the Fitnah that will take place before and after the clock
    >>strikes twelve would be enough to send people plunging into misery and
    >>wretchedness in this world and Jahannum in the other. This fitnah will
    >>certainly make the struggle to reach Jannah a bit more challenging,
    >>especially with all the fun-making, the partying and the free flowing of
    >>lots of alcohol, drugs, sex and countless other vices.
    >>Party-revelers and fun-makers can hardly contain themselves as they wait
    >>the final hour to dawn. To celebrate the party of all parties in the most
    >>unusual of ways. Preparations for the great millennium bash have been
    >>underway for months in advance and the people of this planet want to
    >>celebrate it in a big, big way. Every capital of the world is vying with
    >>other to offer the best in millennium reveling and celebrations. London
    >>constructed the massive millennium dome. Airlines are offering crazy
    >>schedules to people wishing to see the 'arrival' of the millennium in
    >>continents in one day! Others are wanting to be the first to see the new
    >>millennium arrive - flying to remote pacific islands in the East to do
    >>While the peoples of the world will be sunken in some kind of stupor on
    >>hour, even Muslims, sadly, would be caught in this mass hysteria of the
    >>Millennium. Quite a few Muslim countries have already planned some kind of
    >>celebration or the other to mark this (Christian-based) event. On an
    >>individual level, there will be many Muslims who would not like to be left
    >>out of this fun and revelry. They would have already made up their plans
    >>THAT evening. Yet the millennium is simply a Christian-based event,
    >>to be marking two thousand years of the advent of Christ (Hazrat Nabi Isa
    >>AS). What has a Muslim to do with all of this? Nothing. Nothing at all!
    >>Our thoughts, conversations, plans and even our commercial activities seem
    >>to be overtaken by and dictated to by the millennium madness. Do we really
    >>need to give prominence to this event just because it is hyped-up to the
    >>point of hysteria by the media?
    >>The dates of the millennium coincide with Ramadhaan 1420. What a
    >>coincidence and a blessing in disguise for Muslims! Allah Ta'ala has been
    >>very kind and merciful to the weaklings of the Muslim Ummah. Knowing fully
    >>well the temptations that many would have faced to join in the fun and
    >>transgression, it is His sheer mercy that the advent of Ramadhaan would
    >>at that time, and serve as a major deterrent from evil and sin,
    >>Ramadhaan itself, the state of fasting, the acts of Ibaadah and the
    >>of the rebellious Shaitaans are all factors that will help the Muslim
    >>to stay on course. There is a not so remote a possibility that the eve of
    >>the millennium may even coincide with the 23 night of Ramadhaan; one of
    >>possible nights for "Laylatul- Qadr" and also a time for I'tikaaf for
    >>No Muslim in his sane mind would let up such a beautiful opportunity of
    >>catching 'Laylatul-Qadr' (83 years & 4 months of Ibadaah), much less for a
    >>silly bash or party or just to go or sit around viewing people doing so!
    >>An appeal is directed to all Muslims to allow sense to prevail. Please
    >>care to distance yourselves and your children from the ways of modern
    >>Jahilliyya on this occasion. Respect the sanctity of Ramadhaan. It is
    >>to be the final nights of Ramadhaan. Respect these holy nights and please
    >>not switch on the TV to view the heedless ones drowning themselves in the
    >>disobedience of their Maker and Creator! You may be counted among them, if
    >>you do so!
    >>Millennium celebrations could invite the wrath and Adhaab of Allah Ta'ala.
    >>Would you like to be caught at the 'wrong' places when the unannounced
    >>Adhaab of Almighty Allah may come down or would you rather prefer to be in
    >>the safe sanctuary of a House of Allah or engaged in your devotions of
    >>Ramadhaan at home? O Muslim friends it's your choice... where do YOU want

    [This message has been edited by shezi (edited November 10, 1999).]

    oooooo yaaar shezi Khuda kay liay peechaa chor dey!!!!!!!!!!
    I,ve got 19 messages in my mail box of this "forwarded" email

    and how do you know its 23rd?????
    and "hazrat Isa" was also a prophet don't forget that!! if you can eat dewali's mithai
    then why can't you celebrate hazrat Isa's birth day?
    we do celebrate "eid milad-un-nabi" don't we?
    then we can also celebrate this event.

    yes there are ways to celebrate it. You can do some ibadat or you can make a place in hell (which you can make without celebrating this event).
    If some one drinks every day or week then s/he can do it on that night what difference thats gonna make?



      well you can go ahead and do what ever you want but remember this night is worth thousand years and Sadaf told me that . he does nt lie you know