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    Today, One of my colleagues invited me to this meeting of "Toastmasters". Anybody around here ever heard or participated in such a meeting?

    Apparently, it's a club where people get together for public speech and few table topics. Couple of people are assigned a topic to prepare for previous to the meeting and they deliver a speech on their respective topics. During the meeting, few people around the table are also chosen randomly to speak on a general, random topic. The main idea is to bring confidence and practise to speak in front of others (or something to that extent). I tagged along just for the sake of experience.

    Ideally speaking, the idea itself kinda sounds cool. You just stand up and deliver your speech in front of people and that adds to your communication skills. Hey, it's not everyday that you get some 'free audience' to listen to what you have to say.

    But realistically, it was a little strange experience. The speakers were good and well prepared. But it was strange in the sense that I personally had never experienced such a gathering before, it was the first meeting for this particular group of people, and I just could not get used to the environment in the given one hour.

    My personal idea of delivering a speech is that one should be able to just walk up and start speaking, without any preparation or anything (no wonder I always flunked my presentations back in school - what the heck was I thinking talking about Bond market and mortgage rates and return on investment without any preparation? Oh well, I hated Finance anyway).

    Even with the oddity involved in the first experience, I think it's kinda good thing, at least from the point of view of watching people talk in a certain setting. May be I would go to the meeting at least one more time and see how it goes. Even though if I would be picked randomly to talk about for one minute on the my favorite historical personality and I would spend the whole minute in figuring out who the hell would that be!

    Hi roman
    I have not personally gone to one of these things cause of time constraints. but one of my collegues was part of this thing and she found it to be most useful. I hope to go to one soon... or as soon as I can make time out for it... It should at the very least give you an opportunity to be able to preset to people and that can help us all in both our social and professional lifes

    lemme know how it goes roman


      If you have probelms speaking clearly and confidently whether in public or personal life.. toastmasters is for you. Kinda like alcoholics anonymous for people who want to improve their public speaking. Seing how much of jabber jaws we are here, I doubt anyone really needs it

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        sure, if I would continue to participate.

        It's the other way around with me actually. I have problem hearing to people clearly.