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Productivity Report for October 99 (Junkyard Journal, NOV 99/Vol 1)

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    Productivity Report for October 99 (Junkyard Journal, NOV 99/Vol 1)

    This is the First Publication of the monthly Guppshupp Newsletter that I am proposing. We can decide what to call it. I propose calling it “Junkyard Journal”. Among others, I am suggesting that we take turns for the Editorial and Composition responsibility. We can talk about other details later, but let’s summarize what has eventuated in the month of October. I know it is a week later than it should come, but we will try our best to be on time in the future.

    There have been many new additions to Guppshup. If Guppshupp is our Mom, she is delivering one after another. Way to go! Thumbs up for Dad too. The new membership has been 40-60%, more Males (boys, etc.,) and less females. This is not a good trend. We should try to aim for greater female participation. Spreading the word will remedy it.

    In “General”, the topics have ranged from “Married Women Cheating” to “Sexual Preferences”, to “what is wrong with Men, Women, and everyone in between”. Other topics also make as much sense as a Lion eating Bananas. Overall, the participation has been satisfactory and the Mod has done a good job keeping the balance between allowing Topics that are General in nature and not acting like Pakistani Censor Board. She deserves a raise. Let’s raise the standards!

    Among the new registrants, Benazir Bhutto, and the son of the General stand out (I mean standing out of Pakistan) and have not been seen after their one or two posts. They should continue to stand out. This is Guppshupp, we will never let it become another tool of the establishment. Do we have an agreement on this? I don’t see many hands up!

    There has been some quiet on the Sports, Entertainment, Technical Sections. The Mods of these sections need to do everything in their power to popularize these areas.

    Politics and Religion section, as usual, attracted some of the hottest debates. Some confused Guppoos posted their life-stories to arouse sentiments, and other parts of our body. We should try to keep our personal life to ourselves and let politics be politics. It is encouraging to see that the Religion section is becoming increasingly multi religious. Mods are doing an outstanding job keeping the calm. The possibility of many verbal fights have been avoided by some sensible members who rather use logic than say their head (as in Ram). More recently there has been a case of “metamorphosis”. One member has adopted Secularism. Our congratulations to that member. Over 90 percent of the topics in Politics, however, still concentrate on Indian-Pakistani rivalry. Whether the discussion is about “Bangladesh” or “Ahmadis”, it somehow ends up in Bombay (or Mombai). Let’s try to keep “politics” out of “politics”. History has taught us that we never learn from history. But let’s try to keep our focus on what is being discussed.

    Arts and Culture, Poetry, Married Life have been steady as last month. Some members are reminding some older members what the smell of a baby diaper feels like (pew!!). It also is a message for those considering making babies that what is to come. **** of many colors!

    Our next regular publication will be posted, on the 2nd of December, summarizing the Progress and the Recession of Guppshupp for the month of November.

    As long as this journal stays commercial free, you've got my support...



      cool, NY!!




          That's a crack up!


            Very niceG!


              I'm gonna print this journal out and wrap my meetha paan in it so that it stains the words where it says gupshup is delivering babies..... Other than that life of a desi like moi revolves around a junkyard and here I'm again reading a journal.



                i have been around but not posting u know i am very busy in politics now a days but still i come to gupshup every day.
                nice work NY
                well here i am posting again...
                got to go
                c u later




                  Heheh ...funny..

                  "She deserves a raise. "
                  Oh good...why don't you help by sending money to the pay for KG's gradschool scholorship fund..