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Worth of a human...

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    Worth of a human...

    What determines the relative and ultimate worth of a human being,
    worst deed...
    Best deed....
    Is everyone worth equal regardless.....

    Depends on who is doing the evaluating...

    Arenít' we all different? Therefore different things are important to us..

    Personally, it not what they do but why..but how the choose to respond to life.


      Their very presence for other human beings...good deeds r a bonus...



        Is this topic irrelevent to our everyday life , or is it complex....


          No, it's a very good question. I just don't think it should be narrowed down to criterion like deeds or opinions. I would agree with BoSS. The very presence of others (as long as they don't piss me off ).


            Naseeb determines the worth of a human being

            Because it's all about me

            Me! me! me! me!me!. Now that I have enlightened u all I must move on........ Just Kidding

            Now to get profound. There is no moment or event that determines the worth of a person. It is the sum of what u do over a lifetime that determines the worth of a person.

            Ever human life has a purpose. We never quite sure of that purpose. Each of us changes the world so minutely that it is barely noticable. We move on and world has been alter and no one ever notices until we try to imagine the world without a particular person. So each person has worth.

            Oh my god! is that deep or what?! I 'm so good. See it is all about me!