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    Too much Shtuff...

    $%#@@[email protected]$(sphooki You know better)

    Every time I sit down to some work which may result in some productive SHTUFF... I get this urge to do the following things,

    @I relaize its already been 15 minutes sice I've visited the washroom... Gotta go again.

    @I have this feeling that there might be a very good show running on TV... take 20 minutes to find the remote.

    @I get this feeling that all of a sudden its damn hot in here, gotta open the window... cant seem to find any one who'll do it for me... half hour passes by.

    @Finally the window is open and I dont need to go to the washroom and I am tired of the television, I get my books and all of a sudden I realize I bought a new CD yesterday and still havent heard it... that takes 72 minutes outta my life..

    @After CD is over, friend comes over and says there are a couple of hot chicks in the mall, lets go there... There goes 3 hours (dont tell me you wont go!!!)

    @Come home, find dad's message asking me to take mom out shopping... there goes my whole day...

    @Get home at night and FINALLY I get on the bed , where my books are and I realize I have'nt slept in over six hours and this bed seem really cozy. And before I realize it, its five in the motrning and my alarm is asking me to get up.

    SO tell me, how... how do I get my self to study?

    Got too much SHTUFF to do, I tell ya...!

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