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Honor Killings In Pakistan

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    Honor Killings In Pakistan

    The recent coup has been welcomed by many in Pakistan and I appreciate the COAS comments of providing protection to miniorites under the 'letter and spirit of true Islam'.
    Recently I read a report by Amnesty International on Honor Killings in Pakistan. Rampant killings of women in the name of izat, ghairat, for alleged affairs, rape, and excersing their rights to choosing whom they can marry. (Please view report at

    To be honest, after reading this report I am not surprised that Western countries have such a negative perception of Pakistan and the treatment of women, and I am ashamed of being called a Pakistani.

    Since when is death the prescribed form of action for an alleged affair? Since when is rape the fault of victim? Since when have women not been allowed to choose their partner in marriage?

    General Musharaff should pledge to protect women under the 'letter and spirit of true Islam'. Failing to do so will have an enormous impact on future generations who will continue on this destructive path. Research has shown that children of abusive parents tend to have trouble forming bonds, maintaining relationships, and become abusive themselves.

    Is this how we are protecting our next generation? If this coup will help rebuild the institutions of Pakistan, then the first one to rebuild is the home.

    We must educate and teach the masses what it means in Islam that men are guardians of women.

    Part of the economic spurt in the last 50 years in the United States is due to increased participation of women in the labor force. Should we not emulate this and allow women to participate more freely in the affairs of our country.

    In a male dominated environment, and one that is shifting to radical Islamism, who is representing the women?

    I welcome your thoughts and comments.

    Imad Khan
    Senior Market Strategist
    Aegis Financial, LLC

    I whole heartedly agree with you Ikhan, unfortunately my friend, the problem cannot be solved until the general population realizes that there IS a problem. It's just like an alcoholic, an alcoholic doesn't think he/she has a problem.

    The sad truth is that the people who commit these heinous crimes against women and humanity, don't even think they are doing anything wrong and until they realize what they are doing, the problem will persist.

    You will also encounter hostility from people who will claim that all this doesn't happen in Pakistan and that Pakistan is the land of the pure and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. These people, I like to call ostriches, they bury their heads in the ground and pretend every thing around them is hunky dorey.

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