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The most Shareef admis on the Gupshup

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    The most Shareef admis on the Gupshup

    Here are the most shareef admis on gupshup. They are all verry shareef bhai. I am not writing there name in any paticuler order:

    Shareef bhais:
    Peoples Champ
    Breast Augmenter

    Also shareef behen:
    Rubiya Nur
    Naik Larki

    These shareef bhais are good examples for everyone on the guphup. They are all supporting the shareef admi and shareef webpage. Thank you all bhais for being so shareef. I am not seeing the posts of many of these bhais but there are the many many new peoples. If you did not meet these shareef bhais then I feel verry sorry for you. I know I did miss some names.
    If I did forget someone I am verry sorry. Please tell me and I will add there name.

    The Pakistan for the Life!!!

    [This message has been edited by Muqaddir (edited October 14, 1999).]

    [This message has been edited by Muqaddir (edited October 14, 1999).]

    Yaar U forgot...sajjadm and Farid M

    They r the really Big Bhai's

    It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)


      Ok people, you heard what the saviour of Pakistan said; follow the example of us shareef bros and you will help your nation to a brighter future.

      if you visit Muqaddir's web page you'd probably best take a barf-bag though.

      No denying the guy's a star though.

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        Muqaddir..yar ap ka kiya khial hai ..hum badmash shareef hain...ap na to dil ko tor diya hai yar..what can i say..

        dil..dilseee..dil to akhir dil hai na


          aren't u forgetting someone?
          i know why u r forgetting me because i haven't been here for months. thats because i get lots of hm and i can't waste my time here. thanx for being rude any ways and by the way i don't think no one is my friend here. thanx for being rude and remembering me.

          visit my homepage at <A HREF="

          " TARGET=_blank>




            there is another sister site of Gupshup. I think this is fully controlled by Sharif and Co. I tried registering myself, but it wont budge. I keep getting messages that my internet provider cannot register with them. (?)

            I really wanted to reply to one of the Shahbaz Shareef's post.


              1 More bhai to add to my list: Me!!!!!

              Behen anari I am verry sorry but I dont remember anything you did say in your postings. I am only saying these bhai and and behen are shareef because they did suport the Pakistan for the Life. And I did not come here for the verry long time so I am not knowing about what you did say. I did say that I know I missed many of the people who are shareef and I dont know. If you post something when I come here then I can see if I think you should be on my list. Again thank you verry much all my shareef bhai and behen.


                Welcome back Muqaddir bhai! Long time no see.. how's it going? Anything new in your life???
                Well thanks for putting my name on there yaar.. but I did nothing to deserve your appriciation. There's many other people like me.

                Take Care man


                  hmmmm sorry i was not here to take part in the 'shareef' elections.

                  some angels need to do wadoo so I was just nichorr-ing my daaman :&gt;
                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    KIDDA PEOPLE?!?!

                    erm wotz all this shareef shareef?!?!?! i think ive been away for too long...two weeks?!?! n everyone turns shareef??!hahaha!
                    ok bhai dont 4get 2 giev me a mention in ure prayers!!! mukaddir can we have a list of the shararti bhaiz an all?!??! puh lease that should be fun!!!! n wot aboutteh shareef kurriyaan?!?! oh kithe gayeenyah?!?!
                    pul gayeh kuriyaan nooh?!? bahut buri baat!

                    mr extreme: yeah yeah wotever!

                    dilse: i vote u shareef number 1... hey that could be a new hindi film title?!?!hahaha!

                    aanari: aww how sweet...but erm maybe itz ure name hey?!?! hahahaha ok i vote u shareef number 2. i know they r rude arent they....forgettin the rude can u get?!?anaari im ure friend!!! ill be ure best mate .... r u rich?!?!hahahaha

                    naik larki : i know "sigh"!!!!

                    mr fraudia: yeah a shame coz im sure witha name liek that ud be on the top! hahahaha
                    ok then haaji jee let u get back 2 ure janamaaz eh?!?!

                    anywayz ppl
                    take care




                      oops i just noticed the shareef behanz...silly me!
                      yeah but only two?!?! come on! hahahahaha
                      aaj kal kee larkiyaan bhi itni unshareef ho gayi hain keh toba!



                        Peoples Champ bhai you are verry shareef. You are a verry shareef bhai who did try to help me save my webpage from those terrrible terrorists abcd ladkiyan who want to ban my web page so many months ago. Then they did ban my webpage. But not worry because I do my best and those abcds wont have there ways with me.Phool! Most of the ladkiyan here did want to ban my webpage for helping the Pakistan and shareef Pakistani admi. That is why I cant say most of these ladkian here is shareef. But Rubiya Nur and Naik Larki did see my webpage and didnot say to ban it. THat is why they are verry shareef. Also I want to add another ladki to shareef list. It is 714 she is from family of verry shareef bhai so she is verry shareef to.

                        The Pakistan for the Life!!!



                          Muqaddir is Gupshup's own FOB desi dude. Check the's the tops!

                          The Pakistan for the Life!?! I swear the guy's a genius!


                            oye! you people!
                            you got all the wrong names up there, mate.. it should be blank coz none in ere are shareef.. what exactly is shareef yaaro? explain that, and we'll see how many names you consider as "shareef"? none, would be my guess.....




                              mr xtreme: woz that fob thing said in a piss takin sort of way??!???! or is he relly a
                              fantastic fob??!? if such a thing existz!!!

                              muqaddir: well i woznt here so does that make me unshareef? n neway if a person supportz ure pakistani wotever does that mean they r sharif?? dont think so it could mean they r more concerned bout their country or they r wannabe politician etc etc but i seriously dont see where the sharafat debate comez from?? batao.

                              newayz ppl... naik shareef...achi phoolz gonna sign off 4 now!
                              byez till next time