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Hair Stylin' Problems?

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    Hair Stylin' Problems?

    I'm sure there are many of you (ladiez) who face this problem.

    I've seen young pakistani ladiez who have thick pakistani kinda hair : and it looks so good!!! They have it down and it's straight hair, or however.

    I can never make my hair go the way i want it to. How do you some of you ladiez do it? *Do you moose it after washing it?
    *Or do you only use a curling iron after washing it?
    *Or both?
    Though, by using moose/gel/etc - hair looks tough w/ all the gunk it has inside.

    how do you Style your hair?

    (some guyz are most welcome to give their own suggestions for their own gender)

    Frankly i dont dive a damn about hair .... i amhere to say HIiiiiIIiiiIIIiiiIIIiiIIIIii to kohal . Now i have the MOST Ugly Hair Everso whati dois getit cut Short and Style it by using a lil bit a Gel i have no idea what women can do about em ... but hey i got an idea How bout Grease kohal Thats cool .. greasy greasy chik Walkin down the street .. you might not make Many Friends with my advice but HEY you will sure as hell be attractive and everyone Will Turn to look at ya . see i`m so cool and so Smart ! "_"


      Way back, I had them somewhere 'round my Forehead...yeah a bit above it.
      Now....its only Forehead .....which goes down ..... even behind my Head.

      Kabhee sunee hai itnee chaurhee Peshaanee?

      U know, I lost them in wondering how to look after them so better watch out Bud!



        Guess i don't belong here
        cheer up ladies, you look good no matter how you style your hair !!!


          **kohal is frustrated**

          Electo: hey man, wuz up?

          KSNIAZI: errr...dat's gotta sux.

          Zaalim: ,umm.. thanks??

          as for me frustrated, got no actual TECHNIQUE in knowing how to style ladiez hair.

          oh btw, i was, um experimenting the other day how to improve hair. best way (pakistani way) to go : COCONUT OIL!! i'm serious!!
          hehhee, nice no?


            But there's a problem with coconut oil, it stinks !!! I don't think many people like its
            smell. so u need to find something better than that. Good luck anywaz



              i wear a dupatta! problem solveddddd! hehe.

              for in house: i have curly hair , just leave it open or umm tie it in the back, or make a braid!

              chemicals are not good for the hair, neither is blowdrying. olive oil in hair can be good though. once in a while that is.

              in your older age you will realize the results of using chemicals in your hair.
              (not talking about shampoo or conditioner.)

              umm for straight hair, if you reallyyyy want to do something, go to salon, let them give u new look, they will tell you what u can do with your hair.

              im sorry if i wasnt any help.

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                22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                  no no Munni - thank you. tiz waz plenty of help.

                  (um, Zaalim..i like the smell of coconut
                  oil - dat is if we are talking about the same kinda oil).


                    Kohal if you do like the smell of coconut oil, then i am sure that you are taking something else for coconut oil,cuz no one can like it's smell, it's so irritating.,,,,
                    and Hinna, i find your views about hair and oils very interesting, do you always think like that,,,following are some comments on your reply, ho ho he hee hu hu he he ho, haaaaaaaaa


                      yar suggestion for all of you...get tinned,shave of your dont have to worry about hairdo.oil etc....

                      dil..dilseee...dil to akhir dil hai na


                        G.I. Jane!!!!!


                          hehe zalim..but of course!!

                          oye kohal Hinna got a snip snip snip done!!!!

                          22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                            flickin' your hair?

                            i tink i see the next Vidal Sasoon "^Healthy Shiny Lustrous^" hair model making it big in the tv commercial scenes.
                            can you IMagine..hins?


                              KOHAL JEEEEEEEEEEE

                              go n read PHOOL's thread
                              U'll get the answer.....

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                              HUM HAIN TAKHLAY -/\-

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