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Most Afghans hope to be American citizens.

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    Most Afghans hope to be American citizens.

    Across Afghanistan, from major cities to remote rural villages, Afghans are gripped by lottery fever and the faint hope of winning first prize, United States citizenship.

    'Yes I might become an American,' says Abdul Mamean, a middle-aged unemployed oil engineer. 'I want to try my luck, who knows, may be me.' Mamean, like most people, says he knows someone who has won in the previous lotteries, organised by Washington to balance out the numbers of immigrants the US takes from different countries around the world.

    'Everyone thinks they have a chance, and a little bit of hope has put a smile on a lot of faces,' he said. 'It's hard to describe just how bad life is here, the war and the economics.' In battle-scarred Kabul, the lottery has provided a tantalising diversion for people who would rather chance their future in a foreign country than stay at home where casualty figures are a daily reminder of the civil war.

    Local staff, who maintain a small presence at the US consulate in Kabul, said they ran out of forms almost immediately but the DV-2001 remains open to anyone who finished high school and 'has two years experience in a job that requires two years training.' Abdul Waseh Haidari, a retired aviation logistics, said his son had applied although 'his son's mother is against the idea because she is old fashion.
    'So we are doing this without her knowing and if we win the raffle then we can present her with fait-a-accompli and she won't be able to resist. 'I wanted to fill the form out myself but I can't lie to my wife that much, she wants to stay in Afghanistan. And I don't think I can afford it as the winners have to pay their own way there,' Haidari, a father of seven, said. The depth of interest from Afghanistan's five major ethnic groups - Tajik, Pashtoon, Hazara, Uzbek and Turkmen - was also expected to surprise both warring sides as they claim enormous support from the local population.

    Ruling Taliban officials have listed the US among its anti-Islamic enemies since Washington bombed suspected terrorist bases inside Afghanistan on August 20 last year, in search of alleged Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden. Since then the militia's official Radio Shariat has voiced its support for bin Laden - wanted in connection to a number of terrorist acts - and condemned the US and its trade sanctions on behalf of all Afghans. 'We have been suffering,' Haidari says. 'This could be a very good opportunity for my son to go to an advanced country where he will work and learn and advance his knowledge.'

    Mamean adds: 'I've got five kids and three girls who can't get any formal education, why would I want them to stay here? I want to go to America.'

    Why only Afghans, most Pakistanis in Pakistan would be glad to be American citizens.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      don't know the political issues and dont care but afghani girls in california are very well trained to be americanized girls, they can and will do everything to please their partners in bed, in car, in park, and anywhere, they are hotttttttttttttttttttt


        Taking cheap shots at these proud people is the last resort for these pimps and whores. Take a good look at yourselves first, low-lifes.


          '''Mamean adds: 'I've got five kids and three girls who can't get any formal education, why would I want them to stay here? I want to go to America.' '''

          At least he is looking to advance the status of his daughters and children.

          Why should we trash people who are doing the same thing that many Pakistanis and Muslims are doing?

          Please refrain from making this another trash another nationality thread...

          Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.



            Ohh and why you having an upset stomuch because Afghans wants to be American citizens..? What about your stinking Indians who have flooded America so much that the U.S Government have decalred India as a country NOT elegible for lottery because there are too many skiny indian in America. Every where you go in America you will see an Indian shaking his head left to right and right to left while trying to talk in English. So whats wrong with Afghans wanting to apply for lottery..?


              Indians should leave America immediately.


                Peshawari, as much as you wish that Indians should leave, last year USA allowed nearly 53,000 professionals from India. This year another 50,000 at least will soon follow.

                I wonder how many from Pakistan made it.


                  Nationalist and Peshawari, you're both idiots, first of all Nationalist, don't talk about indians not being able to speak English, look at your grammar first. And no, I'm not and Indian, I'm just not narrow minded like you bozos.

                  Pakistanis go everywhere and embarass themselves as well as their country. Indians on the other hand, come here and do well in their fields.

                  If you schmucks got off your rear ends and did something with your lives instead of just sitting and talking about Indians, you could accomplish a lot more than them.



                    dil..dilseee..dil to akhir dil hai na


                      Can we be Just.....rpt......Just INSAAN rather then being Afghan, American, Paki. or STUPID for that matter/


                        KKNiaziG How very appropriately said


                          Agreed KKNIAZI

                          what u guyz talking rubbish, just looking @ Afghans, cant u see Americans themselves getting so Americanize (GANDAY BACHAY)...

                          Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu
                          "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran