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    Salaams all

    Recently going through some of the posts here, certain people have presented a rather bleak and unfriendly picture of the religious forum. I would like to get peoples feed back on what they think of the forum, what they expect and what they got when they visited it?

    I know of recent most of the posts have not been very positive but then , I still think that as along as there are intelligent discussions going on , it is useful.


    Hey, you are doing a great job (better than me, of course ).

    Generally speaking, I think freedom of speech (as long as it does not violate any forum rules or guidlines) it the utmost importan element for any public forum.

    If some people think that a certain post is offensive to their religious belief, while it only examines and explores the matter in logical and rational manner (and within the boundries of decency) then it's those believers' fault not to look at things objectively. That's what I think.

    Keep up the good work.


      As salamu alaikum!
      I would firstly like to say that mashallah you all are doing a great job!
      second of all on this page would i be able to put forward some questions that i need answering ie about black magic and the meanings of dreams?


        dear desi,

        please post the questions in the religious forum and let's see what responses you get.