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    My Birthday

    I don't usually tell anyone when my birthday is, but since this is pretty confidential I thought I'd just advertise that my 24th birthday just passed (yesterday). And being away from home, it really sucked. I miss my family and friends.

    I'm almost a quarter of a century old, thats scary. I think my mind is aging faster than my body.

    Sometimes I wish I was an infant again, life was so much easier, no worries. Someone feeds you, washes you, takes care of you. All the women shower you with love and affection. You get all these cool toys to play with. You get to sleep for at least 10 hours a day, no questions asked. You can't talk or understand anything the stupid grownups are saying. Your so innocent. No hate, no heart break, only love...


    __________Happy Belated Birthday__________



      Aap ki post se mujhe Jagjit ki gazal ’Wo Kaghaz ki kashti’ yaad aa gai

      Many happy returns of the day – Allah swt aap ko bohut si khushiyaaN ata fermae Ameeen
      and dher saari duaeiN for you


        Happy Birthday mate, sorry to hear your missing home etc. Hey you have all of us here on the forum so your not alone.

        take it easy, drop me a mail and let me know what your upto.


          Achtung...yar happy birthday from my dil..wish you best of luck..

          dil..dilseee...dil to akhir dil hai na


            --"Sometimes I wish I was an infant again,"

            oh, i think it must be the most traumatic time in one's life... thats why we dont retain any memories! Its all blissfully obliterated...

            --"Someone feeds you, washes you, takes care of you".

            Only after you have howled and wailed on top of voice. Imagine the humiliation of wetting your diapers and then staying in them till someone takes notice!

            --"women shower you with love and affection."

            motherly love, Achtung.

            --"You get all these cool toys to play with."

            So now you can buy all the toys you like... even grown up toys!

            --"You get to sleep for at least 10 hours a day, no questions asked."

            What option is there... when you are rocked violently on someone's knee and slapped repeatedly on forehead... so jaa, so jaa...

            --"You can't talk or understand anything the stupid grownups are saying."

            No change after you grow up...

            --"Your so innocent. No hate, no heart break, only love"...

            ah you mean, gullible!
            elder siblings are often jealous and mean to helpless infant.

            I hope I have convinced you how wonderful it is to be twenty four!

            Happy Birthday!

            [This message has been edited by Ananya (edited October 01, 1999).]


              Happy Birthday Achtung, and big kiss for you. you mind will get ancient by the time you reach 30, and that is a good thing. The only way to keep it going is to stuff it up with all kinds of interesting material, which you do. Have a great time! I know it is passed, but you can still have a great time. Much love, and respect!


                oh, God, you are so young. I thought you were in 30s or something. I must stop talking to you now.

                Happy Birthday dude! Like Camille said, we are here for you so don't feel alone.


                  hay achtung....

                  ******* HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY YAAR *******

                  wish you best of luck allah aap ko zindagi ki saari kushian de(aameen).

                  take care.


                    AchtungG, many many happy returns of the day and G, you are soooo young yet, don't feel bad now...what will you do when you really get up this old AuntiG Sorry you're missing your family, but CamilleG is right - the whole gang is here! Enjoy your life while you are young and free!


                      Thanks for the warm wishes

                      Ananya, thanks for your analysis, I never thought about it in that way. I think you've convinced me that life has been a challenge from birth onwards. Maybe the best time was spent in the womb.




                        After reading your opening post, I know you didn;t grow up in Karachi!


                          have a hap hap happy
                          you are only 24 yaar! and yet so tierd of life...god help.if you live to be a 100..
                          be happy yaar
                          life's not that bad..