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Qaadiyanees are seditious?

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    Qaadiyanees are seditious?

    What you people say about qaadiyaanees?
    They often put the issues in this board which hurts the feelings of the people and which are controvercial. All are against Pakistan or Islam. Just check out their newest topic under "Politics" section "Pakistan should legalized Prostitution".
    Do You people improve Pakistan to legalize prostitution?
    In that forum..every one is fighting and this ^&*&*$ NYAHMADI #[email protected]@[email protected] is enjoying his #[email protected]#$# effort..

    The Admins also favour to them and thier topics becouse I think they are also Qaadiyaanees.

    Might be my name would be cancel by the Admins...Coz "Sach hamesha karwaa hota hei"
    So I request you educated people to please don't favour ahmadeees and their topics.


    {I’ve edited the obscenities out.. please keep that and all offensive language out of all and any threads on gupshup}

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    Well what can I say you said it all....they are bad...but we dont have to be bad with them. GOOD ALL WAYS OVERCOMES BAD. We will overcome them; they will learn thier lesson just matter of time. I do believe that some people INCHARGE here are ahmadies, but who cares. As long as they can digest the truth!


    Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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      and here comes an educated people.......



        that wasnt good


          I deleted your post from my forum without reading in, simply because of the heading, and really didn’t think that anyone would post a reply to this – I guess I have a lot to learn yet.

          By the way why don’t you try an intellectual debate for a change? One with no name calling, no offence, or is that too much for you?
          One more thing, What is ’Sach’ in your post that is or could be ’kaRwa’?

          >> The Admins also favour to them and thier topics because I think they are also Qaadiyaanees.
          Aha, you really think so, ’Khud tarsi’ is the word! and don’t worry about others religions, fazool meiN dimagh zayah hota hai



            Criminal...heres an incident for you.

            Prophet SAW was sitting in a majlis with Hazrat Umar Farooq RA and other sahaba...and a man came in, and very rudely, grabbed Prophet SAWs shirt by the collar, and told him to give him money. Hazrat Umar was quick to draw his sword, but Prophet SAW told him to sit down. That man continued to pull on Prophet SAWs collar, tightening it around his neck, asking for money. Prophet SAW gave him some money from bait-ul-maal, to which he threw the money away and said to Prophet SAW to give him more money, since there was much more in the bait-ul-maal. Hazrat Umar RA once again drew his sword and rose, but Prophet SAW sat him down again, and asked the man to come with him. Prophet SAW took the man to his private room, and closed the door. A few minutes later, the man came out, pleasant faced, said salam to everyone in the majlis, and walked away smiling. Sahaba asked Prophet SAW how much money he had given him that he went away smiling like that. Prophet SAW said that he had given him no more than what he gave him earlier. To which the sahaba wondered as to why he was in such a good mood when he left. Prophet SAW said. "there was a man whose camel had gotten loose and was running away. The man was running after his camel, and when several people from the village saw his predicament, they started running after the camel too. Upon seeing so many people running after it, the camel started running even faster. Upon seeing that, the owner of the camel asked all the people to stop running after the camel. Then the owner started gathering grass from the ground and put it in his lap. He started walking slowly towards the camel, and when the camel saw the grass in its masters lap, it started walking towards its master itself, and subsequently the master got his camel back without any provocation." Prophet SAW concluded that you all were running after that man much like the villagers were running after the camel. You were driving the camel farther and farther away. I took him into my room and talked to him calmly, heard him out, gave him my opinion, and he understood everything when told calmly.
            This is an example of how we are to deal with people who dont agree with our faith. Rather than curse them and rush them further away, we should show them the right path of Islam and guide them over, rather than push them away.

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              Very nice. We can all learn from that, is peoples faith really so weak that they are threatned by others like this? Truth will always win.


                Yesterday, Gunter Grass gets the Nobel Prize for Literature. I have read most of his work, and I admire his literary skill more than his political stances (often headily ‘evocative’ in his rhythmic prose). He is praised for his gift for reviewing contemporary history by recalling the disavowed and the forgotten: the victims, the losers, and the lies that people wanted to forget because they had once believed in. I have read it all, but I have read the ‘The Tin Drum’ about 60 times. I highly recommend his work.

                Dear Criminal.

                It that ‘educational’ enough for you, or would you like me to raise the level a bit more. It takes no courage to tweak the nose of the Pope, but it is a hell lot more impressive to trash the icons of Ayatollahs of Iran.

                People like you make me realize how strongly I believe in the things that I do. It is a set of simple values: Freedom and justice, and equality, and good Punjabi food.

                God bless you, and you have a good and healthy and happy life.


                  Salaam Criminal
                  Thank you for your post. I agree with you 100%. For quite some time I have been reading the posts of our friend NYAHMADI. What you say about him, I agree 100% but...
                  I also beleive in being reasonable and trying to guide people as well, but you seem to be very devoted to islam and such disgusting posts (pork, alchohol, prostitution) Allah........ I have seen stupid ugly kafirs have more respect for muslims/pakistanis, they kave more knowledge on what to say and what isnt appropriate to say. Putting religion aside, its just simple human sense. Comments and posts like that do sometimes create anger but they are so cheap thats why i say why even bother getting angry? Muslims should concentrate their efforts and struggle or even thoughts to areas which are worth it. Everyone making themself crazy to go after a rat in a house, sometimes isn't worth it. Specifially, NYAHMADI isnt worth it! Using cheap disgusting tactics to try to disunite muslims goes back centuries. From Spain, to India. Kafirs always tried, but it never worked. As far as Ahmadis go... perhaps misguided but the ones I know are very nice, dont let NYAHMADI represent Ahmadi's as a whole. Most ive known atleast have respect for Islam, if not the right beleif.

                  Alhamdollillah.. Powerd by Allah, backed by Allah, protected by Allah.. what the hell are these cheap people like NYAHMADI going to do?? honestly speaking, they couldn't harm a fly, let alone islam and devoted Muslims of the world. Sometimes I say, let them post....
                  If anything, it creates awareness and more devotion of Muslims to the one true faith.
                  Ok, take care...


                    Mr. criminal!I really agree and I am the 100%
                    partener in ur feelings but let me tell u two points
                    1. Dont u realize that the pakistani muslims who fought for 50 years for freedom have now forgotten their aim i.e.Islam,Pakistan ka mutlaab kya ?.......I hope u get such topics and such incidents warm up the unmentioned feelings and thats really important.
                    2. Such topics make people or us who are the members think and study our religion to prove that we are right and that is a great benefit.
                    And thirdly I would also like to say a such like u pls. dont mind
                    and that is ...apologise NYahmadi for saying Haraami because every religion has a special way of making two persons together or marriage aur MAA(N) humaisha muqaddas hotee hai.And moreover if u know it is alsso strictly prohibited in our religion to which u belong and u r favouring. please do this please......


                      KG: Bored??? Here is some work for you.


                        It has been the policy of gupshup and the moderators and administration here to allow any topic to be discussed as long as it remains within the guidelines of gupshup’s policy.

                        Having said that I have as a moderator attempted to allow a lot of leeway in topics that are discussed …simply because it is the members who decide if a topic is discussible or not…by their involvement. However, I do moderate the tone and content of discussion.

                        I don’t tolerate anything that I or the administration see as material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate any law (yes that was cut from your membership agreement) ….however my views of what is tolerable may not be that of others.

                        Now as a someone who has decided to make use of a free service that is provided to discuss topics that are on a Pakistani site but where membership is not limited to Pakistanis, Muslims, or earthlings…anyone and everyone can post here…you are given the free option to participate here…if you do not feel that this forum is somewhere that you can participate freely because of other members....fine..leave.

                        I was never bored...there have been many things that keep me busy.

                        Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.

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                          CriminalG, I too have to go along with several of the respondents. My personal beliefs as a Muslim don't allow me to bash ANY other faiths regardless of how different their beliefs are from mine. This is always a fact of Islam that wins the appreciation of many a non-Muslim I've spoken to.

                          StrongmanG, I also know some Ahmadies who may be "misguided" but still really quite nice. Isn't that the whole point of brotherhood in Islam - nice people who exhibit nice qualities, and one doesn't necessarily need to make sure their religious views are in sync with ours. I also know many people of my religious beliefs who aren't such nice who am I to judge others?

                          CamilleG, I believe you have hit the nail upon the head, so to speak...indeed one has to wonder whether people's faith has become so weak that they feel it so necessary to go to such extremes in replying. I've always wondered why one just didn't go back to their own faith and let Allah take care as He so wills...why do people get so incensed with other beliefs that they lose sight of their own teachings...and heap insult upon insult, all the while thinking they winning Allah's pleasure? (I'm not quite sure where it says two wrongs make a right in the Islamic ideaology)

                          SabahG, i too, read the posting title, here and the various other titles equally offensive,elsewhere, and thought that no response was better, but there is an ahadith that says if you don't stop a person from doing something wrong than you're just as guilty as they are. There is another ahadith that says if you see someone commit a wrong, you should should stop them - with your hands (physically), if unable to, then with your words (verbally), or if still unable to , then pray for them. So after reading all the responses and the good points they brought up, I felt I too should offer some verbal defenses too, and continue to pray that Almighty Allah grant us all a peaceful, harmonious existence.


                            Offensive ..........?
                            Really ......?

                            hell no
                            i took the topics of alcohol and pork as jokes......

                            now the one bout legalizing prostitution was not offensive either ........
                            it became offensive to ppl cause they brough in Islam into the discussion when nowhere was Islam mentioned by the postee of the topic ...

                            he literally stated that since the trade is well spread in Pakistan somehthing should be done to improve the conditions of the slums these ppl survive in ....and that isnt bad its not offending Islam but infact a step towards humanity ........

                            now if one brings Islam into the topic ...then for them i have this simple question ......"Why in the world does Pakistan have Prostitutes and Muslim men who visit brothels"

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                              I didnt take any of the pork, alcohol and prostitution posts as jokes. I believe they were posted just to incite people by specifically targeting issues that distinguish Islam from other religions. It wasnt offensive to me as a Muslim, since i believe that such posts are not going to harm or damage Islam in anyway. About brothels in Pakistan, there are loads of them, and lots of people frequent these places at all hours of the day i believe. The topmost reason why people are against it though, is because Pakistan is an Islamic country, and Islam abhores this behavior. If you asked each and every person in Pakistan whether or not brothels should be legalized, they would probably reply with an emphatic NO. But you would find the same people going back to these places the very same night. But that shouldnt make us lose the battle and say, oh heck, so many people are going to these places anyway, why not legalize it so things get better for the little 16 yr old prostitute who has to support her family. Lets make sure she doesnt get AIDS or HIV. We have to nip the evil in the bud, but we can never do that if we have divided opinions on it even though we all believe it should be eradicated.

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