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Pakistani Cheapness

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    Pakistani Cheapness

    Alright this post is more for the sake of posting than anything else...

    Ive noticed that Pakistanis that visit Pakistan from overseas are really cheap.
    Pakistanis will always tip in countries overseas but in Pakistan they dont tip , to people like rikshah Drivers.

    And when they do tip they tip only with respect to what they feel is given according to Pakistani standards, so if ya normally tip $2 for a taxi cab then youd be expected to give 100 rupees .. but that doesnt happen does it?

    I dont think that culture has anything to do with it....

    Why cant pakistanis treat their fellow pakistanis that arent as fortunate more humanely? To me it signifies that Pakistanis in general dont tip because they want to tip but because they have to tip...

    In other words pakistanis from overseas are cheapos. And i wont even go into the scams theyd pull to get a Free service...

    I dont mean to disrespect Pakistani people livin overseas

    I didn't know you were a Rikshaw Driver.


      Maybe they've got less money? Astounding conclusion, I know but it is possible...


        What is "tip" anyways?


          It goes as follows:

          when you're in Pakistan, do what Pakistanis do!


            WEll its not the pakistani out side the pakistan its the pakistanis in side pakistan.
            You see people in pakistan THINK that people who are IN USA or in UK get thire money from trees where they dont have to work...but what they dont know is that we bust our *&^%$ here work work and work until we have enough money to live our lives here and they rest of our relatives back home. Once my uncle was at the air port in pakistan and a kid of 15 or 17 years of age came to him and all he did was put the suitcase in the back of the car and he asked him in urdu bhia saaab koee 15 ya 20 dollars de dain....( he said give me 15 or 20 dallors) my uncle was gona pay him 15 20 rupees but when he said give me 15 or 20 dollars he was shocked...he said he was gona give me him 15 or 20 rupees WITHOUT the boy asking him, to make his money halal instead he ask him for money which is haram...but when he saw that he is asking for dollars and he got angry on how big mouths the people in pakistan has that they dont care how hard we work, the risk we take and they just dont care...i dont think people like that deserve even a single cent which we earn it with hard work.


            Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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              I agree with Jaawan here. Well put. Also, the purpose behind tipping is this: You get good service, you're happy, you tip. You go to an average restaurant over seas, they have this concept of customer service, they treat you with respect, they believe "the customer is always right", and they are polite, hence they get tipped well. I pakistan, there is no concept of customer service, the general belief is "the customer is full of crap", and the general attitude of waiters at an average or sometimes even above average restaurant in Pakistan is "lay kha, mar!! Stop bothering me"

              So that is why Pakistani's don't tip as well in Pakistan as they do elsewhere.

              Allstar, if you have no IDEA about how things are outside of Pakistan, I don't think you have any business saying the things you did, and then say that you don't mean any offence to people living abroad.


                Hey guys...

                Well Jawaan, i cant say anything about what youve written because it came as a personal experience...

                As for Aahmed... I was kinda expecting you to take a cheap shot at me, especially considering how I blew you apart in Your last post. I guess you dont like me.
                Anyway i know all about Pakistanis living abroad cause im one of them and personally i think they're hypocrites.

                If you had said i dont know nothing about Pakistan then you just might have a point, but Aahmed my buddy this time youre way off.



                  From a rather different angle, my cousins and friends.. atleast a few of them have told me that it is people like me who have spoiled the cab drivers and shop owners since we dont haggle enough i.e if I take a cab and the fair fare is 50 rupees but teh guy is asking for 70, I feel that my 10 days in pakistan would be better spent if I just give him the 20 extra rupees and not waste my time haggling.

                  The claim is that since we dont value 20 rupees and thus meet these guys' demands, later the local population gets stuck with cab drivers etc who expect higher fares in general.

                  What would happen if I start tipping like that. Again I suppose, the customs of each country are different. In my view a small tip in a poor country will help these hard working people.

                  differeing views, differing perceptions...
                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    Ghalib..yar...bring your ear,make sure no one is listening,,yar tip ka matlab nahi pata ap ko,comon ka matlab hai ka main na ap ko stock khareed na kaa tip diya,go and buy the it like this...i hope no one heard it...ok baby



                      When and if Pakistanis from other countires visit Pakistan, they're stripped off of every penny they have by their relatives.

                      Tip my A%%, you cant afford a ride in a rikshaw...