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    I've never had an opportunity to have an in depth discussions with any woman about what feature in a man's appearance makes them decide weather he is worth making an approach to or not.

    Remeber, I'm only talking about appearances here, not the way he acts or talks or whatever else a man does.

    So here's the question again,
    "What is the feature that helps you decide in a man's looks, that he is worth giving a second look."

    (total curiosity)

    A guy Wid "Sunehri AankheiN".....Sighs
    +"Long Long Hair"......Sighs Sighs
    + Beautiful Smile........Sighs Sighs Sighs

    [email protected]s again


      the eyes
      the smile

      22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


        Dear Shapooki,

        What Naik bibi really meant to say is: The size of His wallet


          His 16 inch biceps.


          Tsk tsk..I thought Naiko was a big girl and didn’t need anyone to speak for her.

          Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.


            i saw a poll the other day, it said what women like most in physical features was :

            forgot the 5th thing.

            Learn to love yourself, then learn to love one-another
            "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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              what he dress, his facial character and well build body and of course the special perfume
              to make jaddoo on women. His wet shiny hair.
              Of course a glasses like a professor use.

              i know this because i have such attributes as mentioned. The girls just lay flat ahead me.


                Salam all
                Dilse is back to gupi land..

                Munni jee..wo jo chees hum ko pasand hai apo na nahi likha...



                  I think it depends on the "seerat" of the woman.cuz humaisha aap ka intihaab aap kay khayalaat kee turjumaanee karta hai so Mr.too interested in this case it depends on the woman.If she is below 21 then beauty,every thing that naik larkee and other repliers have written
                  If she iss fashionable then "wallet"etc
                  and mosst of all janaab hub aap say Kashmeer waapis lainay kee yawaqqah rakhtay hain aur aap is tarah kee cheezon main energy waste kur rahay hain haush keejiye


                    isfandyaar sahib yar ap agar hum sa tawaja hain to you are new in this gupie land,most of the gupies knows that i dont believe pyar aur mohabat it is all baqwas chees wasting time and as you say energy,laiken at least let me like something of girls yar...the best thing is the naik seerat,,she is the most beautiful person...

                    dil dilseee
                    mai.n Khayaal huu.N kisii aur kaa, mujhe sochataa koii aur hai


                      Miss Kashmiri & others:

                      > His 16 inch biceps.

                      Perfect ... and what about a 42 inch chest and a six-pack set of abs ?

                      Does an excellent wit and a great sense of humor help ? How about a boyish grin and a manly touch (is this getting rated now) ?? Just curious.

                      ps: for the guys: its just a question. Any similarity towards me is purely coincidental.


                        Ahmadi Sahib.....U seem to know me better than ma self......Who r u haiN?;-)
                        Wesay he was talking about looks i was talking about these things...."Bank Statement"...tau mein buht baad mein ja ker check kerti hooN.......

                        isfand sahib.....i wonder why u brought "Seerat" thing in......Read the question once again sahib.......he specifically said don't talk about anything other than looks......
                        And trust me ......gals above 21 can also find "Sunheri AankheiN","LOng Hair"and "beautiful smile" attractive........

                        ***Sighs Sighs***

                        [This message has been edited by NaikLarki (edited November 30, 2000).]


                          16" on yaar...u know how much biryani u gotta eat n work out 4 that )


                            Man, you ladies have made me loose hope about my future.

                            I try many things with my bodily features.

                            One week ago I had hair longer than Gillian Anderson, and now I got em like David Bowie.

                            3 Weeks ago I shaved both ways, now I got moustache and a beard like Jonathan Frakes.

                            A month ago, I ate like a pig and stopped going to Gym, now I jog, work out and swim...

                            Eyes, I wear Sunglasses out in the open so I cant really say.

                            Smile, I never get a chance to smile...

                            One weeek from now, my mommy wont be able to recognize me cuz I'm thinking of going clean shaved again.

                            So far, how do you like me?


                              Dear Naik Larki,

                              You know what I meant! Lahore Lahore aay! True Lahoris (like yourself and me) don’t bother with looks stuff. To me looks come after wealth, money, Jaye-dad (property), Murabay (lands!), GadyaN (cars – Pajeros), MajhaN (cows), and “Tehka” and “Roob Daab”. Looks are secondary.