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Sikh guys after "Pakistani girls" ??????

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    Sikh guys after "Pakistani girls" ??????


    So....get real...I bet that lots of girls know what I mean.....think about it is a big problem for many of us even though we don't want them....and it is a shame that our Pakistani Jawans don't come to rescue...makes me throw up because Paki Jawasn are too busy making out with Indian'nt it ironic?

    Girls it's harsh but it's true.
    Man! I wish I could kick their ASS! (excuse my language)

    Any comments girls??????

    That is soooooooooo not true missy! How can you say that, App nain ye baat keh ke dil he thor deyaa, if one out of many sikh guys is after one out of many paki gal it does NOT mean sikh guys are after, every paki gal. We love our paki princesses!!!
    Baki jis ki kismaat main jo likha hia wo he meley ga na usey, agar sikh likha hia to phir sikh, aur agar pakistani phir pakistani he meley ga!!


    Till next time***K_I_S_S***


      yeah Aroooj64 - it's kinda true.
      that sikh guys are after the pakistani girls and the pakistani guys are after the indian girls.
      but it's not all true...just go w/ the flow, heheh, w/ me , it goes: any guy hits on me (whether muslim paki/arab/whatever or non-muslim), i'll still kick his a$$.

      and hey Jaawan - we also treasure our paki boyz. well most of em...msot are good guys (right?) aiight then,


        Well who can blame 'em? In their situation I would probably be the same. Tough luck you guys. You are just too damn ugly.



          There's just one reason why Pakistani guys go for Indian girls.I mean,what can one look for in an indian girl?Sex,thats it.

          And extreme here is God's gift to women, NOT!
          Take a look in the mirror extreme,and if you like what you see then you need glasses man.


            I was once told by a Sikh guy that there is “something about Muslim girls…don’t know what it is…just ‘something’ .“ Of course he was trying to hit on me..sooooo…

            I always think that these ethnic preferences are more in the mind ..than reality…Also...what is more difficult to get or different is oh so much more desirable.

            ONe more comment, in college there was a very hot Muslim Afghani guy who built up the reputation for hitting on Hindu girls and getting them to sleep with him….and then dumping them ..of course he very proudly said he didn’t mess with the Muslim girls…

            I don’t see what pride there is in anyone doing something like that.

            Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.

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              i believe in uk and us, south asians are increasingly marrying each other regardless of religion because there are so many cultural similarities and dating is easier. have u seen south indians going after pakistanis.. nope.. even south indian muslims.. that is because cultural barrier is higher.

              in india.. this inter-religion marrying is much less. it is often a muslim boy and hindu girl, because muslim girls are seen less in education and workplaces and chances of meeting them are lower. cristian-hindu marriages are much more. sikh-hindu marriages have anyway been taking place since ages though there is a caste barrier, jat sikhs marry jat hindus but not to a khatri. it is strange.


                chahay paki larkiyaan hoon
                ya paki larkay

                we are far diffrent from otherssssssssss and we {#%#$%#$#}

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                  one more thing
                  and that is kay ISlamabad and karachi gals are the best and they just on the top of the world..........

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                    whatt...but they're still muslims man...
                    why you wanna kick their boutt??
                    comeone.....i know why but still..



                      sub paki larkyan achi hein.........i've only once been to paki but I just can't think of anyone else rather than paki gals....Karachi larkiyaan are special though I must say
                      Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
                      Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq


                        hey Kohal salaam or shall I say sanga ay

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                        Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
                        Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq



                          thanks for making all Pakistani girls feel so special...Jawan. Indian girls are butt-ugly... everybody knows that...but for some weird reason Pakistani guys are becoming perverted and wanna get girls to satisfy themselves...this also makes me throw up

                          because these paki guys wanna hide their nasty gestures from their family and community and also wanna have fun. In order to do that they look for preys who are not from their community so that they can hide the reality from everybody.

                          But guess what???
                          It won't work!!!

                          WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!
                          I bet every girl agrees with me....

                          THE GODDESS OF TRUTH


                            Yar Arooj64..salam...if the sikh guys is after pakistani kuri,,take the sikh guy to the doctor...yar i am just kiding..dont get mad..
                            my dear dont clap with one hand,there has to be some interest of that pakistani girl with that sikh guy...otherwise atleast in canada or usa ma just call the cops and get that ******* you know what i mean...hai na...

                            mai.n Khayaal huu.N kisii aur kaa, mujhe sochataa koii aur hai


                              The Singhs are just trying to get even people. Their girls make a beeline for us Pakis cause it's well known fact that we are the best looking guys. (Please nobody take this personally, I am only quoting the facts here). Girls, we try hard to resist the charms of those Indian chicks but it takes a lot of effort. Alhamdulillah, we try and save ourselves for you so you get us in the end!

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