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Guppshupp going Downhill

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    Guppshupp going Downhill

    The level (quality) of participation in Guppshupp has taken a nosedive. Participants are complaining in general (in General Section) about the lack of new and interesting topics. It has gotten so bad that the hottest topic in General is how many A’s are there in peoples’ names. Oprah should make a note of it. There have not been a single new people, in “Meeting new people” since the Iron Age (i.e. since the departure of Ironman). Some members however have become ‘newer” in their outlook at world. The Politics and Religion have become a battle ground for right vs. wrong, as opposed to right vs. left. In religion, I believe, we have reached a bottom low, with discussing issues such as oral sex. To me, it is only a common sense that if you want sensual pleasure, stay away from Religion as far as possible (it’s only my view and not the view of the management or the corporation that I represent). Politics is politics as usual. A few participants view the world as India and Pakistan alone. The rest, for them, do not matter, or does not exist. Wishful thinking.

    The Poetry section has not posted a decent poem in ages. Some of the poems lack any rhyme or rhythm. I am not very familiar with Urdu poetic composition, and some of the stuff sounds very “Azad” (free of any rhythmic order) to me.

    What can I tell you about Culture? No participant seem to be aware of what cultural heritage he or she has. To most here, culture is an alien concept, and right wing political thought or sexual promiscuity is often misconstrued as culture. I think, that this section should be merged with Politics, as participants in that section will give you a lesson in culture (along with pornography, sex, gambling, and anything and everything BUT politics). The other sections are doing equally horribly.

    Reporting live from Guppshupp, this is NYAhmadi of I-Witness News.

    Now for the sports news its over to MR

    Well most of the players in the meeting section these days are either busy(some really are)and others pretend not to care anymore.

    In general some australian players have made there comebacks but the lack of competition seems to be dissapointgly huge for them.

    Khail is still leading shor by a couple of hundred posts but the competition there is much tougher

    Poetry is injured (zakhmi sher) and married life is in clinical depression these days




      that was cute....

      NYA bud
      i am pertty busy ....however evenings are the only chance i get to come to the forum again and again and again .........
      and tht time only Nageena is here ...while the rest are at work or school


        Hey I protest!
        Aik na do akathe itne hamle
        First you ‘attack’ my ’muhala’, well that’s kind of OK not really ok but I can hazam karna that

        Then you attack poetry section
        >>The Poetry section has not posted a decent poem in ages
        Ahhhh here I am ’ghissing’ my fingers typing all those beautiful ghazals and shyers and no body like them btw Naiko Hayaa Rameesha and Umar Talib are our main mujrims here

        And about Culture arreyyyy we try our best or at least I do. Na really you see the problem is that most of the times we ’adhe angrez’ can only ask questions about our culture and heritage, so we need members like ZZ, Chann jee and you to answer them. Most of us need to know cultural aspects that we can be proud of. We need to learn how to love our culture, respect our heritage etc.


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          I think we should go to other pakistani fora and invite/bring those people back here.

          We should start with ragistan ... they seem to have too many inane discussions - people are probably bored.


          Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


            Personally I think the Rag is mostly boring. I don't know why Dev keeps recommending it. Flirting on the internet is no substitute for the real thing.

            NYA, you need to start putting some posts here that will catch people's attention. Here's an example;

            Subject heading: Why pork is ok
            Author: NYAhmadi

            This is just an example but it's a subject that you believe in and no doubt a few eyes will pop open when they clap sight on it.

            Just for you I will try to drum up some interest in the General Forum. Let me put my thinking hat on and I will come back with a chin-scratching subject.



              Array Logo BaateiN kerne Ke Bajaye...."Gupland" ko CPR du.......

              Aur Sabah Ji....Naiko Masoom ne Kiya Kia??huh
              Kal Ko Kaho gi world cup bi pak meri wajah se haara.....aur koi bharoosa nai India Pak War bi mere hi sir daal du......sighs


                Nothing wrong with this place at all.....just cycles...


                  haan haan Muzna ji....cycles... kabbi up kabbi down......aisa hota hi hai
                  aur kaisee hain aap