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Pigs are Man's Best Friends!

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    Pigs are Man's Best Friends!

    Recent lab experiments suggest that Pigs can be genetically modified to make their organs available for human transplant. I think this is a great idea. Why do Muslims insist on Pig being ‘haram’, or not a likable animal? Pigs come in many varieties, and I think divine revelations are not clear as to which pigs are bad and which are not. I think the pigs that are bad are the wild pigs, the ones who destroy crops (specially the sugarcane crop) but not the pigs that are raised in the farms.

    In terms of nutritional composition, there is hardly any difference between a pig and a cow. Pig meat has more fatty content, but that can be genetically and surgically (by lippo-suction) modified.

    I urge all my Pakistani (and Muslim Indian) friends to start eating this animal (if you don’t eat it already) and don’t hate him just because your holy books tell you to. Pigs are much better looking than goats, and we eat goats. If you ask my opinion, goat meat is disgusting, so is Chicken, Fish, and Beef. Only Pig meat is worth a bite.

    Just think of all the benefits legalizing Pigs will produce:

    1. Farm produced meat
    2. Organs for transplant
    3. Skin for leather
    4. Fat for its medicinal values
    5. Pakistan will become more foreign friendly place
    6. Calling someone “Son of Pig” (Sur ka bachaa) will no longer be an offense
    7. It will generate jobs
    8. Etc., etc.,

    I appeal all my friends to show support for legalizing pigs in Pakistan. After-all, we pride ourselves to be a foreigner friendly and hospitable nation. What bigger gift to the rest of the world can we give? I think one day we should change the name of our nation to Pigistan. I don’t believe that the time is right at this moment, but with a little time, it might become a reality.

    I love Pigs. All of them, wild, domesticated, and farm grown.

    I would say, bacon for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch, and some ‘mean’ a$$kicking baby back ribs for dinner.

    This is truly absurd.


      Bravo NYA!

      A stirring response to my challenge! Surely you deserve an award for your Ode to Piggery (may I call it that?) I can almost see the pig gristle slithering down your chin even as you type.

      Let's see; I don't think you missed anything out; nutritional value, beauty aspect (not sure about this one), curse reduction aspect, medicinal, and general lovability. In fact you could also have mentioned the reputed intellectual prowess of the pig but it was a sterling effort nonetheless.

      Of course the pig remains very much a haram animal (wild, domesticated, slightly miffed, whatever) so despite all your arguments in favour, Pigistan (or indeed Porkistan as I have heard it called by Indian admirers) is unlikely to happen. Us unfortunate mussaleys will just have to make do with lamb, goat, chicken etc. Still, it's a small sacrifice to pay for avoiding toasted a$$es in the hereafter. We'll just have to take your word for it on the various virtues of Mr Pig.

      Anyway, thanks for your input, it was much appreciated (if slightly stomach-churning). Bye for now and happy munching!

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      [This message has been edited by Mr Xtreme (edited September 14, 1999).]


        The Pig in Babe was pretty cute.


          I'll respond to this asap..right now I got a texbook and assignment up my derrier!
          22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


            Is NY's account hacked? Is he the same person we know? Or is he just joking? hmmmm.



              I always knew your were a nut Ahmadi but this takes the cake. Next time you get a urge to do something stupid,kindly do it elswwhere.


                The PIG is such a great (useful) animal on earth? I never realized it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  Your topic says
                  "Pigs are Man's best friends"

                  If they are our friends, then how come you're suggesting we eat them up?


                    Pigistan for Pakistan?? Why not you suggest your elders to rename Rabwa as Pigistan. It is more befitting. Here is a sheyr for you

                    zinda hain magar kahtay hain dargour inhain loug
                    marnay ka bhi ma'akool bahana nahi milta.....!



                      tauba tauba
                      ugh ugh

                      ok help me out medical ppl but isnt it that the pig doesnt have any urinary filteration system of somthing and thats why its haram???

                      nadia goes out of the room puking


                        Dear Fellow Guppos,

                        Thanks for your overwhelming support of my idea. I am happy as a Pig. Some of you have some screwed up sense of what this lovely animal is all about. Young Pigs grunt as loud as old Pigs grunted before them. Let me just say that “we don’t kill a Pig everyday”. I am sure you are familiar with the “Never buy a Pig in a poke”, or “when the Pig is proffered, hold up the poke”.

                        With most of you being who you are, “It is hard to break a Hog of an ill custom” I am not going to turn this rather nutritional and appetizing discussion into religion or politics, but as you probably know (or may not) that if you study carefully, you will notice that the letters “P” in NWFP, “P” in Punjab, “B” (as in Boar) in Baluchistan, and “S” as in swine in Sindh, are the main reasons why this country was created. This should explain why we still have troubles with India over Kashmir – for a lousy Pig, man!.

                        Now if you look at our political establishment, or a collection of silly Pigs (and Piggettes) , you can understand why we have so many problems in our nation. Pigs in Politics are bad because contrary to popular belief they are not intelligent. Once in a while we are lucky to see an intelligent Pig in Politics, but then again some Wild Boar (e.g., Zia) comes along and kills the Good Pig.

                        And finally, I still think that there is room for improvement in our tradition of treating this rather good source of food as an outcast. I will go as far as saying that “the weak in courage are strong in cunning”. I will urge, once again for you to please reconsider my suggestion and call your elected leaders and clergy to legalize Pork in Pakistan. Tell them that the worst Hog often gets the best pear.

                        If someone is interested, I have some great recipes:

                        Pig Koftay,
                        Pig Shami Kababs,
                        Pig Do Piazza
                        Pig with Chickpeas (yaaaaeh)


                          NYA you know alot about your self...keep up the good work. So what else you pigs have in common?


                          Till next time***K_I_S_S***



                            Have you seen a Pig KISS another Pig, and then be so stupid to advertise it on the net.

                            What specific areas would you like to discuss? I would be delighted to share them with you.


                              Well, you know what they say; You are what you eat...