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    Can you see me?

    I watched a recent hit movie..which discussed the ability to know oneself…and for someone to actually “see” you…..
    I find it very true…many will view you through their own perception of reality….their own personality and biases influencing how they ‘see’ you. Which can be good and bad. In addition, often people don’t know themselves at all..and therefore adjust to accommodate to another...because that is easier.

    But I question….

    1. Do we not limit (and control) how someone sees only allowing a portion of our self to be seen purposely?
    2. How can anyone really know anyone else…we are all complex, changing creatures ..who grow and adjust and explore?
    3. And aren’t we continually exploring our own souls and discovering more about can we ever fully know ourselves?

    Yes i did post this on an another site first..

    > Yes i did post this on an another site first..

    You did ??????? Where ??

    I'm just wondering if you'd get the same response.


    Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


      ziyada na soocha karaiN - ziyada soochnae se mayda kharab ho jata hai


        Darn it that’s what I should do…..stop all this and talk about how many a’s are in my name!!!
        What bliss.

        Obviously not.

        Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.


          what you are actually is saying, Kashmiri Girl, is "what is meaning of life when you are already is here in this world?" I mean that you will never know yourself since you are self developing during your life. In a stage of life you will probably go so high in knowlegde and "how world works" then you will recognise who you are and what you could done
          better if you were young again. I have a mammo who used to tell us a story from Islam. All those stories of magic touch, we all kids was fasinated by him and stories. Today he come at our home and say that bull****, to beleive in Allah and think that you will be ok even that you got AIDS and so on. He is now becomig negative since he got diagnosed as sugarsick!!! Now he is angry at Allah and saying that i have prayed all my life and you giving me this award!!!!!!!!
          As i said YUO are going through stages, and those different stages reflect about "how you are" and this change often in mans life. Believe me, same happend to me. I did nt beleive that my study will end with good oppurtonity and about next month i am going to oxford university. I did not beleive my ears when my professor suggested this tour!!

          By the way, who you are depend who look at you and that persons mind/knowlegde/fortune.

          SO i think you better not think to much on it. let the destiny show your way. and find it always fasinating and exploring when the road open ahead as time show. Dont jump on the bus then you will be on wrong destiny!!!
          (which i mean dont follow another person actions...)

          the knowlegde is more sharper than a laserknife.



            How appropriate are your questions? Perception of others is a function of past experiences. Totally agree but analysis of past is what enables one to extrapolate what may be in store for the future.