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    Why Are Non-Muslims...

    Why are Non-Muslims so consumed with having Muslims eat pork and drink alcohol? Why do these two seemingly innocent non-actions by Muslims bother non-Muslims so much?

    I don't see any strong lobby in Muslim populated countries pushing for halal only meat in the non-Muslim world. Certain non-Muslims seem bent on pushing the world towards one ideology - theirs. Only at that point when the world succombs to there way of life will they be satisfied - because their way is the only way. Their arrogance justifies their warped logic.

    They boast of individualism, when in reality they are consumed with the rigorous criteria's of being 'accepted'. And to be 'accepted' you must 'accept' the status quo. That status quo is in turn derived by the ugliness of their society - a society obsessed with the physical, a society in which its occupants are obsessed with things they can expierence with their senses (ie materialism). A society which has lost sight of the bigger picture.


    as we all know , not all are, only some individuals are. regardless of that, i would focus my concern on improving myself and in doing so, possibly influence those around me (with Allah's help of course).

    Learn to love yourself, then learn to love one-another
    "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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      Dear Achtung,

      Muslims try to spread their ideology through bombing embassies and by killing innocent civilians and by blowing buses in Tel Aviv. Wouldn’t you rather they used words than terror? And they are allowed in every CIVILIZED country to use words, use places of worships, preach, use their Halal meat, etc… How many Muslim nations allow that for non-Muslims. I think (I hope) muslims are smart enough to decide for themselves and don’t need 2-penny Mullahs (such as yourself) to tell them what they can drink and what they can eat. It should be theirs and theirs decision alone (which will of course send shivers up your spine!)

      Eat Drink and be Happy


        Salam to all

        Hey guys mai Dilse bol raha hoon ka mai dilse wapas ah gaya hoon..

        Yar achtung ,ap kahan pig aur sharab main dive mar raheen hain...yar kuch achi achi khani ka bath karoo...NAHARI...PAYA.. CHAPLI KABAB...BIRYANI..wagara wagara..

        mai.n Khayaal huu.N kisii aur kaa, mujhe sochataa koii aur hai

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          Dear achtung...allah says in quran...Jews and christians(non-muslims) will never be happy or will never be ur friends until you embrace thire religion.( or do what they do) so its in their in thire genes to be like that...

          NYA you will see a real terrorist someday and you will pee in your pants...dont sit in new york city transit...maybe there is a bomb under your seat...


          Till next time***K_I_S_S***


            Jawan, everyone should be afraid of those maniacs. I agree, I will probably sh-- in my paints too, but then again, if there are fellow muslims in the same NYC Transit subway car, don't you think that they would too? Don’t they have -$$----$? If you believe that terrorism is the answer to western influence, then why not blow up your own countries (since there is so much western influence there, according to some)? Why not kill a few million people in Lahore and Islamabad (well, it is actually happening) and see how you feel after that.


              I tend to agree with NYAhmadi. When I was in college, I was approached on more than one occasion by Church recruiters. They were very peaceful, walked upto me and said that they're having a meeting and there's pizza and drinks, they asked me to join them and if I didn't like what I heard I could eat and was free to leave. Very nice.

              I go to the mosque and what do these mullahs say? Brother, don't be friends with the americans, they are the devils. This is the devils land. I don't understand why these mullahs preach hate and why the hell are they here if they hate it so much.

              Good post NYAhmade.


                > Why are Non-Muslims so consumed with having Muslims eat pork and
                > drink alcohol? Why do these two seemingly innocent non-actions
                > by Muslims bother non-Muslims so much?

                This has to be one of your lamer (than usual) posts.

                I was gonna write more but really ... I don't even know where to start.

                ps: perhaps its time you improve your company a bit.


                  Well, I think NYAhmadi was just trying to provoke you guys into a discussion and make you think. He certainly did provoke discussion, but I don't know about the thinking part!

                  After all, couldn't you tell that he is teasing and trying to get your goat? Don't get too steamed about it! Nobody is forcing anything down you're throat. It's not bad to reflect on your religion and your traditions. Thinking won't automatically lead to eating pork.



                    Munni: Yes my post doesn't really make any sense, it makes a very broad generalization and than ties that generalization to much wider implications which have nothing to do with eating pork.

                    NY Ahmadi wrote: .....just what I thought he'd write....

                    DilSe: I'd rather talk about chapali kebabs and biryani too.

                    Zaraatif: "Well, I think NYAhmadi was just trying to provoke you guys into a discussion and make you think."

                    This isn't what I'd call "thinking" or a "discussion".

                    devuchka: "This has to be one of your lamer (than usual) posts."

                    Yes it was lame. I thought I'd add it to the other lame posts here on GupShup, I know your well aware of them.


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                      Ahmadi, christians have bombed churches and blown away buildings and so have jews and hindus. That doesnt mean the entire community thinks that way. Similarly, there are some in muslim world as well. Muslim Tableeghi jamaats are much more peacful and effective. Get some numbers from US. More people convert to islam here than to any other religion. But i guess u just wanna bit$h 24-7.