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benefits of marijuana??

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    benefits of marijuana??

    hey... we had to do an essay at school, and this guy wrote about the benefits of marijuana, he said it has vitamin e... thats jokes...

    Welcome Friend!

    Your friend is right about the benefits of marijuana smoking. It has all the Vitamins from A to Z, as well as calcium, Iron and other minerals, and it improves your memory, makes you a better person, and you always get to work on time. If you haven’t tried it, I strongly recommend a joint. It also is a pain reliever, and helps you spiritually.

    Having a ‘J’ before breakfast is recommended if you suffer from constipation (excessive use of Marijuana may actually cause constipation). For night blindness, mix some marijuana with ‘opiumated oil’ and smoke after sunset.

    Don’t mix marijuana with alcohol. It is not a good combo.