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    Benefits of Alcohol

    I see that my idea of legalizing pigs did not go well with my fellow Pakistanis. At least I tried. I was thinking we should discuss legalizing alcohol in Pakistan, as it is in many other Islamic nations.

    Alcohol was legal in Pakistan until 1974 when Bhutto outlawed it under pressure from the Islamists. Now let’s not turn this discussion into purely a religious discussion, and look at it from a broader perspective.

    No question that Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed under Islamic Law. But so many other laws are constantly ignored, why follow this one so strictly?

    Among many benefits associated with alcohol, below is only a selected few:

    A moderate amount of wine is actually beneficial for you for health reasons.

    Legalizing alcohol in Pakistan will bring the drug addiction problem under control. I would rather live in a place with more Winos than with Junkies.

    Legalizing alcohol will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and an influx of foreign capital to set up Wineries and Distilleries and Bars, and other peripheral business establishments. It will create an atmosphere of companionship and openness among people while downing a few in a Pub in Lahore. Imagine discussing Faiz’s poetry after a couple of doubly matured malt whisky (just imagine!). A few pints together of good English lager (at room temperature) will strengthen the bonds of friendship among classmates. A glass of Chardonnay with your spouse or girl/boy friend with an exquisite meal of yellowtail with ginger sauce and sauteed shrimps with basil and balsamic vinegar will take your mind off sex (at least while consuming the food). I am not a big fan of French wines, (I think California wines are just as good) but a good bottle of Beaujolais (year 1986 is my favorite) will make you appreciate a good book by Khushwant Singh.

    Friends, lets face it, we have accepted and have integrated our fascination with alcohol into our life through using alcoholic metaphors into our poetry, into our music, and into our daily chores. For example, the most famous Pakistani Quwals have sang more songs about “drinking” than there are the species of birds. So why are we so hypocrites that we can’t accept this in our country?

    It is time that we legalized alcohol, as it will only have more positive outcomes, in a trickle down mechanism. One road leads to many new avenues.

    Here is one shair for you:

    Kay Lahed maiN Bo-ay Mey thee, Jo na Aa skayy Frishtay
    MaiN Azaab maiN paRa tha, jo na Mey-da khowar hota!

    Translation for kids: It was the smell of alcohol in my grave that stopped Angels to come near me, I will be in hell was I not drunk. Wao!

    You say controlled amount is beneficial.

    Answer me this, Who's gonna take the responsibility of controlling it?
    Yes, the drunkards. They'd probably get a kick outta making rest of the people like themselves now wont they?

    Them comes drunk drivers, the traffic is already so bad in the country of ours, that it'd really help getting the people on it drunk...

    Face it man, the people who agree with your concept, are already in countries where alchohol is legal. So why push Pakistan off the cliff.


      Ahmadi jee, u might be logical but not to me at all!
      Before giving my first comment lets read the second comment first
      What I think and believe is that, there are more -ve effects or disadvantges of alcohol than +ve ones(as people think there are some but not really, I don't think so). So, why thinking or even considering about such thing that could harm us more than benefits us.
      Ok, the first comment ; as we all know it very well that use of alcohol is prohibited in Islam(except few exceptions I guess) and it clearly written about that in Quran. Why do u think that its prohibited??? If there are some advatanges or any good side of this thing than Allah should have allowed the use of it.
      Bythe way, you remind me of one story that I read somewhere.
      In brief the story was.......

      There was an islamic priest whom someone gave three choices to live
      the first one was...
      ...either to drink alcohol
      second was ...
      ... either to rape someone
      third was,
      either to kill someone.
      What do you think that priest did????
      Well, he thought that since drinking alochol is the smallest sin of all three of them so why not do that one and get rid of that trouble simply.
      Ok, so he drank and once he got drunk he FORGOT who he was and even forgot the difference between right and wrong and after that he raped, then he comitted a murder.

      So, making a long story short what I meant by that is, drinking alcohol might not consider as the biggest sin in Islam but once you touched it you'll loose all your senses which helps you to differentiate between right and wrong and which tells you what to do and what's not. You even loose your self respect and conscience and a person without senses and conscience is nothing, nothing at all coz that's the one of the biggest thing that differentiates human from animals(if you know what I mean eh?)

      Most of all, Allah has promised us that if we don't listen to Saiten and don't touched that good for nothing, what so called ALCOHOL then we'll get a pleasure to drink
      "AB-E-KOSAR" one day Inshallah which has no comparison to this alcohol at all!

      Anyway, choice is always ours and I know we all have senses and when it comes to making choices we all know what's good for us and what's not no matter what the other person say..

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        Alcohol is called "Um-ulKhabaes", i just wonder why?????????????


          Keh Lahed meiN bo-ay ma'ay thee, jo naa aa sakay farishtay,
          MaiN azaab meiN parra thaa, jo naa bada-khawr hota.

          kher ek sher ham bhee suna daitay hain aap ko,

          Jo ho lab jaam sharaab ka, to pata lagay bhee shabaab kaa,
          magar ek din hay hisaab ka, usee ek din ka khiyaal ho

          Bhaee, main nay sharaab really pee kar dekhee hay .... koee faeeda nahee .... dont try it ... well I would agree keh jab tak ek aadh jaam naa laga lo shairee ka maza nahee aataa magar phir bhee .... haram is haram and there is not way we can prove it that it is good or beneficial. Well I dont drink now and I would advise people ... please dont drink and the people who never tasted it please dont think of tasting it ... muft main deen Imaan kharaab karnay walee baat hay.


            Dilse is back...salam wala kum to all

            Najim yar ap sharab peena ke bath kar rahin hain,jab main botal dekhta hoon to nasha ah jata hai yar..., yar yes sharab itself is a very bad thing,no one should drink this evil thing...

            mai.n Khayaal huu.N kisii aur kaa, mujhe sochataa koii aur hai

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              NY ...
              The reasons you gave are without much scientific merit..except maybe the health issue, moderate drinking is good for vascular disease , but there is no data about the other health problem it might be creating at teh same time,,,
              I am sure you are aware of the weightlessnesss of your reasons, you want alcohol to be legalized as a symbol of freedom and tolerance,,,but didnt word it that way.
              I think it should be lagal only because of that reason...
              Reason is required to take the freeedom away , not to give it....Its teh birth right of every individual..


                To all those who have posted to NY's article lets be objective. A lot of us are hypocrated. Since I do not know anyone of you I cannot say that for you but a lot of Pakistani's say one thing and do another.

                While I will not argue with the religious validations for prohibation but I will say that NY had said that lets look at it outside the bounds of religion.

                I believe that while medically it may be beneficial to consume a controlled amount of alcohol or in really cold weather it might keep the body warm, the negative impact on society is far greater. In a place like Pakistan, where people with influence and money, loot, pillage and yes even rape by being drunk just on power, I think alocohol will make it even worse.

                If we look around us to India, their secular stance has instilled a lot of social crimes related to alcohol in their country.

                Even if we legalise alcohol what guarantee is that we will have an influx of capital. large corporations know how shabbily our governments treat them, why should they invest here when then can import from local distillers?


                  Adam once said

                  wo koun hai jis nay mai nahi chhakhi
                  koun jhouti kasam uthata hai
                  maikaday say jo bach nikalta hai
                  teri aankhoun main doub jata hai