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    What shall i do?

    For a few months i have been forbidden to talk to a old classmate whom i had been great friends with, the reason was because he phoned my house and physically abused my younger brother.

    The problem is that recently i met him at a party and he was desperate to sort the problem out

    Kudi Ji,

    How can anyone physically abuse someone over the phone? Did you mean verball?

    If that is the case, move on. Your sister is more precious to you than an acquaintance/friend. You will find many decent friends in life.

    Rab Rakha


      desi kudi,

      i do not think a friend can abuse your sister if he knows she is your sister, if he did i do not think he is a good person to be friends with.

      baqi teri merzi jo kerna hy ker..

      khuda hafiz


        there must have been some mis-communication
        it's pretty hard to abuse physically over the phone

        i am sorry i can n't control it any more
        over the phone

        One Day I want to grow up, but not today please.............
        For I am the Keeper of the Keys to the Lost


          He didn't abuse my BROTHER over the phone....No it was at the school that they both go to!!!


            DK: seriously, there is no question in my mind. i have 2 bros. a 15 and a 6 yr. old. if any one even laid a hand on either one of them, even one time, i would refuse to talk to that person ever again. i mean even if your friend/aquaintaince did it for a good reason, fighting never resolves anything and makes matters worse.
            MY ADVICE: move on. leave him/her behind you. nobody needs a physically abusive person in their life. you and your bro will both appreciate this decision later.




              Kill him.


                LOL Hum sa, I like your reaction. I say abuse him back. j/k


                  I believe that you should just forgive him since muslims should forgive each other, and just keep distance.

                  "NASD" IS THE WORD I'M LOOKING FOR!!!!


                    Desi Kudi,

                    He phoned your house!!! How dare he?! Aba ko pata chal gaya? Toba Toba, is he crazy or what? And he beat up your little bhai too? Tut tut tut, bechari aap. Its one thing to beat your little brother yourself but when a friend does it, its really bad. And what did he get by doing this? Having you condemned not to see/talk to him anymore?

                    Khair, do you miss him .. err .. his friendship ? Is he worth being forgiven? Did he have a very good reason to knock the daylights out of your little brother? If the answer to the above question is an overwhelming yes, my mashwara is to listen to his side of the story and make him beg for your forgiveness. If the answer is no, then you better whoop his spineless-no-good-for-nothing-sorry *&^ out of your zindagi, no matter how fant-&^%-tic he or his *&^ is.

                    Yours Truely,
                    Amrecan Billo giving Advice

                    [kitty cat sweetie...we don't like that kind of language at gupland..but otherwise post on!]

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                      DK: I think you have pretty much read the posts above describing the next course of action; I agree with most but Amrekan Billo's post which sounds very childish and immature; reminds me of someone with a confused identity crisis. Nothing personal ok Billo ji