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Favourite foods of Guppies

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    Favourite foods of Guppies

    Ok then, i'm getting bored tweaking Indian noses in the political section so a temporary truce is declared for this subject.

    What kind of food do you think Gupshup members enjoy?

    Myself; Pizzas (of jewish origin apparently)

    Queer; Pink candy floss I would imagine (sorry Queer, I forgot that Indian dish you mentioned)

    Bombaykid; got to be Bombay mix hasn't it?

    msaqibj; raw meat

    NYAhmadi; bacon and eggs. With sausages.

    ZZ; rukhi roti.

    Kashmirigirl; cup cakes.

    Amrecun Billo; Shish kebabs (xtra large with two kofte as side dish).

    Devuchka; pickled eggs.

    Jaawan; sheep's testicles. These are a delicacy in Pakistan apparently. I kid you not.

    Durrango; nachos

    Jew of insignif.(abr) hari mirch with chappatis.

    That's all for now. Sorry if I am wide of the mark but hey, impressions are everything no?

    p.s. 1 more;

    Aman B******/Sajjadm; prime beefburger. Make it a BurgerKing Whoppa.

    [This message has been edited by Mr Xtreme (edited September 14, 1999).]

    oye! Pink candy floss? :-( Some idea you've got about me ;-)

    Ok, my fav. dish is boiled tapioca, served steaming hot with grated coconut, green chilly paste and real spicy mackrel curry. It's damn good!

    Actually pizzas aren't bad, but then, out here in India, pizzas are a bit too expensive for my taste. Maybe you can sent me some.
    Simple ain't easy.


      Dear Queer,

      Donít let Xtreme fool you, the meanest pizza in the world is made in Brooklyn by Sicilians. The real motzarella cheese (not the imitation kind that some others sell) and crust just right. If you are ever in New York, go to Benson Hearst or Bay Ridge (Italian neighborhoods) for an experience of you life.

      And by the way the dish you mentioned sounds like something that I can appreciate. I am knee deep into Hot (as in spicy) food. In my backyard I have grown 4 kinds of hot peppers: Habaneros, Portugal, Jjalapenos, and Cayan. I make some excellent chilly paste.