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I'm Never Coming Back!

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    I'm Never Coming Back!

    hehee.....gotcha didn't I??!!

    Over the years we have seen several people come and go on this and other discussion boards.

    For one reason or another sometimes members decide to or are forced to leave.....some because they are upset, some because a change in lifestyle forbids them the luxury and some because they relocate and are unable to access the net.

    As administrators and moderators it's interesting to observe how many of them actually come back when they can...sometimes as a different nick and sometimes with their original identities.

    To those that have left and only come back to read....thanks for still being there.

    To those that have reincarnated as different nicks....we still love to read your thoughts.

    To those that have returned to be with us again....nice to see you back.


    p.s. Stud, you sneak!


    To those who never leave, hey, don't you have a life or something? (j/k )


      THANKS Muzna ...

      I had to reincarnate from Bhola to Bhola#1,
      after trying very hard to somehow get the
      password for Bhola which i forgot.

      GUP SHUP is a good place if you have some
      time to spend on the net. During school it
      was hard for me to come here. Now that i am
      working, and have access to Internet all day
      long, i am BACK.


        See! I have always been doing my best to be there (in time) but all gone in vain and I found myself LATE.

        But then ACHANAK, I realized that I synchronized my watch with PAK.ORG's ....... which is slow.

        That timer needs a MODERATOR too ........O-BHOLAY! Lugjaa kaam say.

        Roman! waisay your S (s= sting) of Humour is enviable, liked that.....

        Sun is on its way to home and autumn is on the corner but it doesn't mean that summer will never be back......Simple as me.



          Muzna: After reading the topic"I am never coming back" , I had to read it and afterwards enjoyed it a lot )))


            Hey Muzna, Im still here but Im usually in the sports section

            Visit Dhamaka's Website @ <A HREF="
            " TARGET=_blank>


              It's nice to see KKNIAZI back
              niazis usually do n't come back ( just ki..)
              yes! it's nice to see you back
              after how long? a few years i think 1&half
              i think

              One Day I want to grow up, but not today please.............
              For I am the Keeper of the Keys to the Lost


                I used to be on a long time ago, then i left and now that i am back i miss my old guppers, who is stud now? i remember his hilarious comments
                ~Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin
                ~Nes is MY voice of reason, get your own :snooty:


                  I do my best to drop by now and again. These days I have to get up early in the morning, so my night time internet is very short.

                  I still read all your posts.


                    Take a wild guess Muzna dear...


                      &gt;&gt;To those that have reincarnated as different nicks....&lt;&lt;
                      I'm sorry, I just had to quote that! That was so funny! The "reincarnated" word just made that whole sentence so HILARIOUS!! LOL!

                      "NASD" IS THE WORD I'M LOOKING FOR!!!!


                        I'm sure many still check in once in a

                        It's great to see GupShup still around
                        and flourishing.

                        For parents like myself it is hard to find
                        the time to participate.

                        Farouq Taj